Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Amazing Xai

So when my boy Morris went to Orlando Black Pride we made a connect with their hot male cover model Xai. This young sexy man really has a lot going for himself and is becoming a internationally known model.

First I would like to say thank you for doing this interview with me. It means a lot.
Its my pleasure, thank you for the invitation!

Who is Xai?
*raises hand*! lol thats me! My original name is Xavier.. but Xai is more fitting for my personality.. really youthful/fun (pronounced like 'zae').

When did you begin Modeling?
 Modeling for me started YEARS ago. I've always been into photography (even being behind the camera) since.. high school. BUT.. I wasnt a contracted model until 2009 when I signed with IM2 models based in Houston.

What was growing up like for you?
Growing up was a struggle. I only had my mom. My father bailed out at an EARLY age. Smh.. & my mom re-married, but I wasnt fond of the marriage so I didnt take a liking to my stepdad. I grew up in denial..angry..mostly unhappy..I actually hid a lot of who I was until I graduated high school. But I was a great student..& I always had a roof over my head.. thats about the only positive thing I can say lol!

 Can you share with us your coming out story?
Well mine is simple. my mother saw me rollin with a group of guys ALL the time.. and one day she asked so I told her! She doesnt accept it, but she knows it is what it is. Once mom found out.. nobody else really mattered to me.

 Do you feel that after you came out peoples opinions changed towards you?
Not at all! I've always been feminine and I'm quite certain people KNEW! you know? Very few speak on it, but ppl knew. I think peoples opinions changed when they see me NOW. Its like.. look at me now! *chris brown voice* lol

 Who was your biggest influence into modeling?
Boris Kodjoe. I would always go thru his pix online.. & think "I wanna look like that" and I seen Tyson Beckford on the runway and thought "I wanna do that!"

 What would you say the hardest thing is being a male model?
 The upkeep is stressful! The feedback is sometimes overwhelming. & once you've been labeled as "a model" it's like you're put on this pedestal. so NOW I have to be mindful of the things I say and things I do. Whenever I go out.. I think "damn, I can't wear that cuz I already have a picture online in that" or I'll get a LOT of compliments about one outfit.. and think "can't wear this anymore" lol.. and there's days when I dont feel like working out.. and I wanna lay up & eat ice-cream & you have that "figure-watcher" in the back of your head thats tellin you.. "a moment on the lips equals ETERNITY on the hips" lol. & then you have people who just LIVE for EVERYTHING you do.. & you're like "thanks" & if you dont carry a convo with them.. they feel like you think you're too much or you're a diva.. so its a blessing and a curse. I dont complain... MUCH. lol

 How did you feel to be asked to be the male model for Orlando Black Pride?
 Omg! I thought it was a hoax originally. they contacted me thru facebook. I was thinking out of ALL the guys on this network, WHY ME?! but when I got the details I was honored, I'd NEVER done anything that big b4.

 What was your experience at OBP?
I didnt wanna leave! the staff was so nice. I had a driver, I had bodyguards. people were checkin for me. everybody wanted a picture! I was signing flyers and I really had to soak the moment in. It was my FIRST real taste of stardom and i enjoyed every moment of it.

 What does modeling mean to you?
To me its reassurance. its an art in how it makes me feel, but I was insecure for a long time & modeling became that thing I can fall back on when I dont feel handsome... like a safety net.

Would you like to tell our viewers how you keep yourself in shape?
I have lots of sex so there's no need to eat b/c my appetite is already I lose weight. lol! 100 pushups & 150 situps. But I have my weeks where I cancel ALL that, buy some ice-cream and call it a NIGHT.. & thats why my weight fluctuates.

 What do you do right before you have a photoshoot?
 I'm usually chewing on a snicker, waitin on the photographer to get the lighting right! lol no but
I'd say about a WEEK b4 I'm on a strict workout plan where I DONT MISS A NIGHT of situps & pushups.

As a public figure what is one cause that you are passionate about?
Brotherhood! support, feminism, masculinity, positivity, loyalty. I could go on. I'm about changing the whole perception of what the typical gay male is. I love music. I'm a Trina/Lil Kim fan til the END. But everybody knows its all about Queen Beyonce, Sheryl Swoopes & Kobe Bryant! #LoveThem

 Can you walk us through a day in your life?
Recently my life has turned around in a major way. I used to work fulltime.. but NOT I just go to school.. so if I'm not at school.. I'm doing homework.. or playing basketball, working out, eating or on my iphone (that phone is my bff)!

 What can we look forward to from Xai in the future?
I cant call it but yu WILL see progress, I will grow more & more everyday.

 Do you have any last words for your fans and my viewers?
 My fans know to FOLLOW me on TWITTER @AmazinXai! & Thank yu so much for this invitation, I appreciate it.