Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ADTV Special: The Ryan Drake Interview

So I am pleased to bring you all the second installment to my ADTV speacial... Ryan Drake is the longest standing member of ADTV.. Here is his story.

Who is Ryan Drake? 
Ryan is that fun, easy-going person that you always want to have around to keep it real with you.

 What was joining ADTV like for you?
Joining ADTV was something that happened so quickly that I didn't really prepare myself for what was to come of it.

 What was growing up like for you?
Growing up was very interesting. I was always getting whooppin's for being in trouble all the time.

What is your coming out story?
Someone else took it upon himself to tell me mom that I was gay at 14 years old. I guess it is better out than in.

Do you feel as though people looked at you differently once you came out?  
Of course, but what could I do about it?

How long have you known Derrick?
It's going on 4 years now.

 When Derrick asked you to be a part what went through your mind?
"This man just want to have sex with me....AGAIN!

You have been with Derrick and ADTV for a long time and seen so many cast mates come and go, What has kept you with ADTV for so long?
In my heart of hearts, I feel as though ADTV is a show that speaks to people regardless of what your financial status, religion, or race may be, and people need that in their lives. Our youth needs something to look to as a reference in understanding what this lifestyle has to offer.

Who has been some of your favorite people to work with?
I LOVE working with Matthew and Metrell. When Bryn't was around, I really enjoyed working with him as well. 

I came across an interview that Derrick did with you and you announced to the world that you were HIV+, has coming out and saying that been a weight lifted off your shoulders?
 Honestly it was something that I did to help others more than to help myself. I really didn't feel anything until this year when we started meeting people from all over the world.

 What has living with HIV taught you?
Living with HIV has taught me to slow my ass down and be more aware of what's going on around me. It has instilled a new sense of humility and how to better care for myself.

I've seen that ADTV does a lot of community work. Do you think that is what sets you guys aside from all the other YouTube networks?
OF COURSE!!! I see various other YouTube "celebrities" out there and I look at what they do for the community and I can honestly say NO ONE is really doing anything or is out there as much as we are. We work our asses off to make sure we represent the gay community in the best possible light. So we are constantly looking for ways to help out our people. 

Being that ADTV is coming to a close what is one thing you want to leave on the community?
Well let me first say, ADTV isn't coming to a close, we are just moving from YouTube to our own website. If we continue to stay on YouTube, then our success will only be measured by what YouTube would allow. As to what ADTV would leave the community, I feel like we would leave a legacy of REAL men dealing with REAL issues, which, in turn, help out others in the process.

Ok now I have to say someone has been hitting the gym pretty hard, is that in preparation for anything?
LOL I'm preparing for my husband to come in my life soon!!! LOL!!! No but seriously, I wanted to focus more on myself and love myself in a different way than I have before. So I've taken comfort in the gym and I love what it's doing for me. 

Lets talk about hair, I remember when you first was on the show you had a short cut, then went to long hair, and now you're back to short hair. What prompted all of your hair changes?
The long hair stemmed from a painful breakup. I didn't know which way was up and I really didn't want to deal with men in any aspect, so I altered my appearance to distract them. Honestly, I look back on that time and say, "WHAT WAS I THINKING???" It was something that I needed to do to really look outside of myself and focus on the bigger picture, which was being more aware of how I allow others to influence my life. 

 What can we look forward to from Ryan in the future?
MUSIC!!! At some point, I'll finish up music that I'm working on. Right now my main focus is ADTV. So I'm learning all I can learn to insure I produce a GREAT show. 

 Do you have any last words for your fans and my viewers?
Hmmmm...... to the viewers I say this: There comes a time in your life were you "soul search" to figure out your place in this world. Once you find out what that role is, submerge yourself in it and be the best at it. No one can be successful at being someone else. It's pointless. Be the best YOU that you can be. 

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