Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blatino Awards 2011

Nominations for the 2011 Blatino Awards are now up and the voting has begun. We here at The Scoop have been nominated for 3 awards, Best New Website, Best Non-Porn Blog and Best Porn Blog. It is becoming a very fierce competition with all the top contenders competing for the title of best in their fields. Here are my endorsements for this years awards.
DJ Blaze Best Club DJ

Kidd Dupree BEST CLUB M.C.


The Scoop Ent Best New Website & Best Non-Porn Blog

Dunkins Playground Best Porn Blog

FIVEBlackgUys Best Youtube

Mr Marky Best Acting Top

Mikeal Race Best Acting Bottom

PM Best Acting Versatile

Venom Most Notable

Malo Best Newcomer

Thug Seduction for Every Category they are in


  1. I agree with you except on two. Mr.Marky is a boring top.He is non verbal..Mikeal Race is a hood bottom but Malo is the Best Acting Bottom

  2. venom, most notable porn star are you kidding me?out of all the good choices