Friday, July 15, 2011

JustUs Series: The Creator J Omarr

So of course as I told you all last week, I have a wonderful new show that I fell in love with "JustUs". So I bring you all the creator J Omarr.

Who is J Omarr?

J. Omarr is a little boy from the streets of Newark. lol I didn't say mean cause to me they were never mean...

What is your coming out story?
I never really had one.... except when I came out to myself... My family always knew there was something different about me. When I was kid, I jumped rope, played kick ball, played basketball, joined drill team and everything a normal child should do when they're growing up. But they always knew something was different... Then my senior year in high school I admitted it and the response I got was... "Oh boy we knew that already" lol.

Did your family and friends accept you and your lifestyle?
Oh they accepted it, mainly because of the way my grandparents raised the older generation, and the fact that I had four older cousins before me who smoothed the way.

What was your ideas and thoughts on creating Justus?
In creating the book Justus, I wanted to tell a story that hadn't been told before... I wanted to tell the story of a man who was comfortable in his skin and gay wasn't a character in the story but part of the story. In creating the series, I wanted to do the same but with an added twist... I needed for people to see that we could play dramatic roles outside of being love struck or aids victims... that our range far superseded storylines about being trapped in the wrong body or being in love with the straight guy.

Where did the characters come from and are they based off of people you know?
Masai came from a conversation I had with a stranger over the computer on one of "those" sites. Steph is based on an ex. Komari is the older sibling I've always wanted but because I'm the oldest it didn't happen and Justus is really me.

In creating Justus the series do you think that you will have to adjust and rearrange your plot and charecters?
I think once it moves to TV I'll be allowed to really tell the story the way I want to... Not change it, but embellish it.

When casting came around how did you choose your characters?When it was time for casting I think I was lucky... The images that I'd seen in my head walked through the door.

Was it hard choosing Paris Buford for your lead? Why?
Paris was an easy choice... Actually I went after him. I'd come across him on facebook not knowing anything about him.

Do you find it difficult to be the Creator/Writer and also acting in the series?
The cast make it easy. Once I was able to hear there voice the writing part became second nature... The acting happened strictly by accident.

Where do you look forward to taking Justus? Whether it be to a main network Such as Logo, HBO, Showtime and could you see a movie?
I'd like to take it to either HBO or Showtime... and everyone asks me about the movie idea, but let's just say I didn't even see it making it this far.... I saw a book and that was it.

Do you have any other books and shows you are working on?The book before Justus is called MASAI and I am currently working on a third

What can we look forward to from J Omarr and Justus in the future?
From J. Omarr you can look forward to more books because that's the first passion... From JustUs I would say sexier story lines, more fun and whether we go to tv or stay on the net just a LOOOOOOOOONG run....

Do you have any last words for your fans and my viewers?
Yeah just know that all you have to do is believe in yourself and your talent and the rest of the world will follow your lead....

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