Monday, July 18, 2011

JustUs Series: The Star Paris Buford

So I am very excited to bring you al this extra special duo interview. Ex pornstar Seduction has a new gig and its not in the field that he was in. As I told you all I stumbled across the series JustUs and Paris Bradford aka Seduction is the lead. Here is our interview.

Who is Paris Buford?
Paris Buford is a humble individual who learns from yesterday, lives for today and hopes for tomorrow.

What was growing up like for you?
I had a very trying adolescents, like most alternative lifestyle kids, I was a fast ass and had family issues which forced me 2 liberate myself at an early age, 16-17 to be exact, I more or less lived like a gypsy, place to place state to state, just trying to keep my head above water you know, Just had to keep at it and do what I had to do to survive.

What is your coming out story?
My "coming out story" was kind of comical actually, lol. mind you there is so much I can hide with my eyebrows however I did a pretty good job masking it in high school, but I never did come out in high school I was just always the life of the party and that crazy individual that was so nutty that nobody really pressed the issue but so hard, but as for my parents lol, my step father being a drill instructor in the marines yikes with a straight face. 1 day called me into the living room where he sat doing his work at the computer asked me with a straight face, "Pj, have u been downloading gay porn?" Lol I almost lost my damn bowels, lol I quickly was like no! He then proceeded to say "well, I didn't download it, the he called my mother at work, asked her if she had downloaded it, she responded no of course, then he turned to me and said, "Ya mama didn't download gay porn, I didn't download gay porn, so again, did you download gay porn?" I quickly said no and lied and said I tried to download so lesbian porn, and that was the only thing that had came up. Lol, then he with a straight face said, "yeah Pj, but 13 times?" and he played all 13 clips of dudes getting it in right in front of me, well after that I just went to my room, I don't think I came out for about 3 days lol.

Did your family and friends change after you came out?
I was very independent so they had very little to say about my lifestyle and considering I was not in their household, it was irrelevant, but my mother is supportive and as long as I'm happy and safe, she won't disown me or anything.

So I'm pretty sure now everyone who is ready has seen your pictures and know that you are former XXX Star Seduction, What made you decide to do porn?
Actually my whole "porn" experience happened by accident, I had just relocated, I had no money nothing to work with to even ride the subway to look for a job, an x of mine "a big porn star" set me up with a shoot with him just to acquire a quick fix so I could get a little change in my pocket, however upon working with him, I started getting requests and models and companies sought me out so I kept at it.

What did doing porn mean to you?
Porn to me meant a paycheck, that simple.

How long did you do porn?
I was an adult entertainer for exactly 1 year.

What was your turning point when you said you didn't want to do porn anymore?
Well porn was never meant to be a career for me really, I just try to excel in whatever I do, but merely used it as a stepping stone to help me get where I wanted to be or a little closer. I always wanted a legitimate living doing something I enjoy that I can discuss with my mother at a table, and I don't think she'd fancy hearing about me doing handstands getting sodomized ya know? lol

Was cutting your hair apart of your career change?
I wish I could say I had an Angela Basset moment and cut my hair for a fresh start, but in all honesty I wish I ever would have cut my hair, I love hair, I just cut it because upkeep was becoming a bit much. I'm still in search of a good dread lace front

So how did you come in contact with J. Omarr's project "JustUs"?
By the grace of god J Omarr happened to come across my page not knowing me or any of my abilities he just said that my pictures conveyed what JustUs would give. He asked if I'd be interested in participating in a little project and I've been on board ever since

Prior to becoming apart of "Justus" did you read the book?
No, I had no knowledge or exposure to the JustUs series before meeting him.

J. Omarr said he came after you, what was your reaction to him wanting you to be his lead character in Justus?
Any opportunities or exposure that come my way i try to take advantage of to their up most potential, so naturally I was overjoyed, but once I got a feel for the project, I really wanted to dive right in.

Was it easy for you to make the transition to being a full out actor?
Of course there is always room for improvement and i have little experience with acting but it was not hard for me because whatever takes place in front off a camera comes second nature to me, I'm addicted to the camera and performing, weather it be singing, dancing, acting, of course other things I've done in front of comments necessary lol i am happiest

What was your first day on set like?
Lol utopia, so many gorgeous chocolate men, I didn't know how to act lol. I have A.D.D there was just way to many distractions! But I was able to work through it. lol

Was it hard to find and/or make chemistry between you and Tony Tolbert who plays Steph?
No because we knew each other prior to shooting, he's like the big brother I never wanted lol, we work through it but its hard entertaining the sexual aspect of it.

No that you have transitioned into acting, are there any other acting jobs that you have looked into?
Well of course I'd love to but I never start something and don't finish it, so I'm trying to give 110% to J. Omarr's vision, so this is currently the only acting that I'm doing right now

Where do you see yourself and the Justus series in the future?
As far as god will allow us to go, so with that being said, hopefully very far.

Do you have any last words for your fans and friends?
Last words, thank you for all the love, interest and support that the viewers have given us, I truly feel blessed and privileged to provide some form of entertainment that reaches out to our community, and hopefully you all will stay tuned and as pleased as they were with the prior episodes.

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