Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Justus The Series

I just love when I come across new and exciting series that get ready to take the LGBT Culture by storm. The story follows Justus (Paris Bulford) who is lured into a world of crime, sex, and drugs by none other than his abusive lover, Steph (Tony Tolbert). Forced to work for the world's largest drug cartel, Justus is enslaved both by his genuine affection for Steph and his crippling fear of what may happen if he tries to leave him. When a love quadrangle involving his formidable employers ensues, though, Justus soon finds himself with a greater-than-ever need to escape the deadly drug game before it ends up claiming his very life..Now of course I know you all are saying where did this series come from, well famed and notable author J Omarr Tutler is the mastermind behind both the book and the series and also stars in the series as Komari the hot lover of the boss Masai played by Akil. With only two episodes done it keeps me want more and more.

Many people may remember lead star Paris Buford (Seduction) for his many roles in XXX films but now we get to see a different side of him as his acting skills are displayed. Buford is a true testament that their are other opportunities out there for Erotic Stars.

Right now Justus airs every last Thursday of the month on you can go there to see the past episodes and much more. Who knows we may just get interviews from the cast.

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