Tuesday, August 23, 2011


iiMage has been a perfoming, recording, production, and writing team for the past eight years.Consisting of two American males Davient(Talentz) and Reese, both born and raised in Baltimore, Md. Their music is a great blend of alternative pop and R&B, with a stong support of soulful voices. Starting in Baltimore with big dreams, this male duo has built their dynamic talents on trust, hard work, dedication and passion.

Currently iimage is working on the release of their first mixtape album entitled "The Runaways". The vision of the album is to give the listener understanding of the groups talents, who they are as well as give them a strong relative feeling from the project. iiMage is known to be one of a kind in everything they do musically and personally, because their main objective is to have fun through every experience while being who they are and learning from every situation. iiMage is an dynamic group setting the bar for individuality.

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  1. I have been following them for a while. They come out with some great original music.