Monday, August 22, 2011

Letter From your CEO

Hey Hey,
   Well Well its been a long 2 weeks since I talked to you all and my my my havent I missed you all. These last two weeks have been some of the most amazing a discovering weeks in my life. I have fully became a endorser of my model Khali Koleman and trust me he has a lot for you all so dont sleep on him and the things he is about to bring to you all. I also have just became a full endorser of Life As Noah. You all may remember my model Noah that I have just been promoting forever, well he has came up with a YouTube Show called Life As Noah and I am so happy and excited for him. The Scoop is moving forward in everything we have established and have more on the way. Dont sleep on us at all we are here and we are moving harder and stronger then before.

Love Always
Tyrieak Mines-Wright

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