Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spotlight on YouTube: Artavius Veasey

So I have the privilege of bringing you my exclusive interview with my homie Tay of AV Productionz. This interview was a no hold bars and trust it is very informative.

First off all Thank You for doing this interview with me?

Aww no problem, thank you all for having me

Who Is Tay?
Wheeew lol! Im still tryna figure that out for myself lol! But no, Tay is a very ambitious young man who has a passion for Art. I love interacting with people and love learning new things. Im a fast learner, and a good listener. I love giving advice and helping others when in need. Im currently a college student, majoring in Graphic Design and Multimedia.

What was your childhood like?
My childhood was okay. I will say that I thank God for my grandmother, because if it wasn't for her aint no telling where I will be.

What is your coming out story?
Wheew! Do we have enough time? Lol! But I’ll give you the short version. It was the evening of Nov 12th 2008; I’ll say it was about 7 or 8 o’clock. I remember talking to a family friend on her porch about me being gay. She ask me have I told my folks or whatever, and I was like no because Im scared. Then she said what you’re scared about? And I was like what people may think or say about me. And she said Baby! Just be you! Fuck what anybody gotta say about you. If they do like it then they can keep it pushing. You gotta live your life for you and not nobody else. So after hearing her speech on not thinking about what people think of me I decided to officially “Come Out”. So at that point I didn’t have the balls to tell people face to face so I decided to “come out” through a text message lol! Don’t judge me, but at that point I was already texting and I was like Hey! Why not? It’ll be quick simple and to the point lol! So yea, that’s my coming out story.

What made you decide to start doing YouTube videos?
Honestly I don’t know. I just went to the site because somebody told me to look at some music video. So after I watch the video I then started browsing Youtube. And the first few people who came up doing my browse on youtube was: LoveBScott, FabledVerse, AntoLloyd and Waqqid2008. They were the first 4 people who I started watching. After watching them for like a week or two I decided to start doing Youtube. They all inspired me to talk about topics and tell encouraging stories and just be myself. So yeah, all in all I started Youtube to share my story and showcase my talent/passion for Art.

Now you have a company that specializes in designs when did you start that?
Yeah, Im the founder of AVproductionz (Artavius Veasey productionz), it was discovered in September of 2009. I can’t believe its almost 2 years already, time know it flies by.

Did you ever think that your videos would be as successful and as popular as they are?
Honestly no, I didn’t think people would listen to me. Because when I first started which was back in February of ’09 I was acting silly and not really as serious about my videos like I am now. I mean don’t get me wrong I do still act a plump fool on my youtube lol! But I do know when to cut the jokes out and talk seriously about a topic or experiences.

What started you doing remixes?
Well its funny because when I use to “try to rap” back in 9th grade I SUCKED lol! But what gave me another chance at this rap thing was a good friend of mine name Simba (blueyedsimba on youtube). He wanted me and a select few to write a verse to the instrumental of Young Money- Bedrock (Oh by the way I noticed that song on the site J Thankx for the support!).Now verses my 2 weeks to write a verse back in 9th grade to my one hour to write a verse now was defiantly a big jump for me. Once I finished my verse I was soooo happy anf in love with it because I didn’t think I could do it so quickly and have other people like it. So after that I just started doing my own projects with some of my friends and remix a few songs on my own. I can now say I fell in love with rapping! When I rap I love to role-play lol! Sometimes I like to rap as a fem gay guy, masc. gay guy and even sometimes as a very flamboyant/cunty gay guy lol! I don’t know why but I love experimenting with the different styles and showing how talented and versatile I am.

Who would you say that you looked up to on YouTube?
The person I look up to on youtube is Waqqid2008 (my big sis lol!) I LOVEEEE her sooo much! She’s soo inspirational and encouraging to me. She’s one of the reasons for me being who I am today. I can honestly say if I never me Waqqid (a.k.a Kiki) I don’t know where I will be. She help me build my confidence and put me in check when I was slipping lol! LOVE YOU KIKI!

King has been featured on one of your remixes, would you like to tell us more about your friendship?
Well King and I are Bestfriends, we just reached a year of being friends on the 2nd of August…LOVE YOU BESTIE!! But like I tell people King is that little brother that I always wanted. He’s so amazing and talented I adore and appreciate his talents. I feel it’s my duty to look out for him and help guide him in the right direction as any Big brother would do for the little brother.

You have done some great photos and everything, where did you get started in that?
Well first of all thank you! I really appreciate the love J But my graphic designing passion was inspired by two other AMAZING LGBT graphic artist by the names of: Santae (Santae.com) and CookieStarr (K. JordanStudios). Their graphic work is sooo amazing! They inspired me to become the graphic designer I am today and I most defiantly give them props because if I didn’t run across their work I might would’ve been doing something else other than graphic design. I know I would still be in the Art field but maybe not graphic arts, so I really thank them for that.

What is the overall vision of AV Productionz?
The overall vision is to simply be known worldwide.

Where do you see AV Productionz in the future?
I see us becoming worldwide. AVproductionz will not only be known to produce good graphics or Hott remix’s but I also want to branch out into clothing, books and movies. So graphic and music is not all AVproductionz will be capable of producing, we have soo much more to offer. We’re just getting started.

Who have been some of your best Co-Stars for your remixes?
My big Sis Waqqid (Kiki) and a good friend of mine name Dio (itsDio on youtube). The reason I love to collab. with them soo much is because they both are animated and creative when they rap I JUST LOVE IT!! Its different and unique! I LOVE THEM AND ADORE THEM BOTH. They are two dope artists that most defiantly have my respect and support.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
Living my dreams, living life stress-free, drama-free, financially stable and having successful careers.

Do you have any last words for your fans and my viewers?
Well I want to say thank you and the whole Scoop Entertainment for having me. This means sooo much to me and I just wanna say thankyou! Now to the viewers, all I want to say is no matter what nobody has to say or think of you, always live life for you. If you can believe it you can achieve it! And like I always tell my supporters “ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF because, I know I BELIEVE IN YOU” -Artavius Veasey

My contact Info:

Twitter: @TaysWorldOnline
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TaysWorldOnline
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/artaviusv
Company Website: http://www.avproductionz.net/

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