Thursday, September 8, 2011

Official Press Release: The CEO of The Scoop Ent.

The Scoop Entertainment
Baltimore, Maryland 21215

Thursday, September 8, 2011

From The Desk of The CEO:

As the Founder and CEO of The Scoop Entertainment I make it my business to promote positivity throughout the LGBT Culture. It saddens me that as a community, as a culture, and as grown black men we can not all come together and work together to achieve common goals.

With that said I was very sadden to hear about the differences between promoters in Atlanta. The Scoop was working on bridging gaps in Atlanta and working with multiple promoters to ensure that they all get the proper shine for there pride events during Labor Day weekend. Some things went on throughout the period of promoting events with promoters in which there was a lot of negativity. I first begun talking and working with Wassup In Atl by accident but continued to build a partnership. Later on I came in contact with Romeo, The CEO and Founder of Fab 5 Atl. After coming in contact with them both I realized that there was some type of rivilary.

Continuing and learning more about both promoters I learned that Wassup In Atl could not follow through with all of there promises. I was asked to sell Club Hopper Passes for their events but they could not tell me if there had been any additional sales from my site. Also I was told that there had only been 10 passes sold for there events but they had a large turn out at there events. I do not participate in all of the petty drama and the cattyness of the business. With that being said I begun to work closely with Fab 5 ATL, pulling all things relating to Wassup In ATL off my site.

Today we posted our special coverage of ATL Pride which was done by someone on the inside of Fab 5 ATL parties. I received some unexpected comments from the CEO of Wassup In Atl Mario, which made me a little upset.  As a site it is my job to constantly bring you all exclusive coverage of the events going on in the LGBT Culture and around the world. Unfortunately Wassup In Atl did not provide us with any type of correspondents for their events. As we here at The Scoop continue to grow and learn we are constantly learning that you can not pull the community together because there will always be some sort of division. Also as I am learning and growing I have to continue to support those whom are true with all that they promote. With that said The Scoop Ent officially promotes, sponsors, and endorses 2 ATL Promoters, Fab 5 ATL and Wet In ATL. There are no personal or hard feelingsfrom anyone here at The Scoop. We just want to move forward and continue to grow with The LGBT Culture

Tyrieak Mines-Wright
The Scoop Ent

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