Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ask Gays?????

So Earlier this week YouTuber, Jerry Lavinge, posted what seems to be one of his most controversial videos yet.He entitled the video "Ask Gays". This video has a lot of people in the gay community in an uproar because of Jerry's ignorance towards the Homosexual Culture. Now I want you all to take a look at this video and lets spark a conversation. Is Jerry's ignorance because of lack of knowledge on the LGBT Culture or is he just being plain ignorant.


  1. The dumbest nigga I've ever seen in my life

  2. this nigga is just fuckin ignorant like he said...someones sexual preference doesnt have shit to do with what someone else...then this muthfucka said that they can have gay straight ppl make only straight wtf dude..then to say you should respect EVERYONE BUT THEN SAY FUCK YOU..HE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT THE LGBT COMMUNITY ADN IT SHOWS...PPL LIKE THIS ARE THE ONES I WISH I COULD TALK TO FACE TO FACE ADN MAKE THEM FEEL AS STUPID AS THEY ARE..SMGDH...OOOOO HE JUST GOT ME HOT IN THE HEAD..I HATE IGNORANCE SOOOO MUCH