Saturday, December 3, 2011

Son Molesting Father

I happen to come across this video that appeared very weird to me. I asked a question yesterday to our Facebook viewers and followers asking "Do You Physically think that this is possible?" Well here is the video you all be the judge.


  1. This was some shit!....the son really was obessed with the father, and man did this really get ugly as the video continued. Now can this be so, I will have to say yes. I have heard of similiar stories of son encounters with fathers, uncles, grandfathers. These are the men they look up too, feel comfortable with andsurprisedly are attracted to.So they feel its ok in their eyes. however, they have violated the union of father and son. Which began drawing out all other feelings and emotions to the point of total anger and hostile behavior. End thought, it is happening somewhere in the world right now. Best! RLS

  2. I think the short film was absolutely wonderful and jaw dropping! Yes, it is absolutely crazy. Yet, in some weird way, it is still captivating. I actually watched it twice before commenting. I think it is extremely difficult to wrap our mind around the fact the family is black because we, as black people, contribute these kind of actions with 'white' families. However, if we would be truthful, there is a lot of dysfunction in the 'black home'. We, unlike other races, have been taught to keep our family home life or craziness quiet, covered and neatly packed behind closed doors. Molestation is nothing new to the black family. Needless to say, I think the father started the perversion. I think the son because of his perverted love for his father just continued it throughout the years. In the argument leading to his father being killed, the son makes the statement saying "This is what you started....". I must admit, the son was obsession was very paramount which was frightening in itself. Being a victim of molestation, I don't think this storyline is too far fetched. Neither do I think the father was molested nor rape, I think the father was a victim of his own sins and didn't know how to sever what he began. Thumbs up to the writers! A very thought provoking film...

  3. This video has made me come fourth about an issue I have. I can relate to that boy. I was 15 when it happened to me, I never forget it. I was on the floor watching t.v. and my uncle sat behind me on the arms of the chair. I looked back and saw my uncle looking at me like desire was in his eye. I didn't want to believe it, all I know I turned around and he was on me. I snapped and told him to stay away from me. I then started appearing more aggressive to the outside world to him but no one new. This all happened around about the same time I was coming into myself more. I started getting boys crazed and he was the only one that knew. He got jealous and started threatening my new taste in men. I knew something was up and something was coming I didn't know what. I t happened again and this time if got ugly I cut him on the penis. I didn't know what to do I panicked. From there it got ugly everything he would make a comment or gesture to sex I would rape him. I didn't know how to deal with it I realty I needed to do to him want was done to me. I got ugly at this point and did crazy stuff all in all I wound up coming to terms and told my family and just like black families it was sweapt under a rug and nothing done about it. To. this day my incident deceased and I forgave him, no it's not that easy but I wanted nothing but to let go inside. Stop making it racial every issue in life that man have is all of relevant to what's to taught to was each individual it's all another how we maneuver and get through life. What happened to me was evil but it was the same stone I casted. I dunno how to tell one to get over it besides faCongress it