Friday, January 6, 2012

Dj Scrilla- REMIXED by Redd Alexander

So of course I have correspondents everywhere in the US making sure that we bring you some of the hottest events and some of the most exclusive interviews. Well here is one from my correspondent in ATL, Redd Alexander as he sits down and talks to Dj Scrilla of ATL.

I come from a city where I heard live bands play, trumpets and saxophones coming from different venues on the street blending so beautifully. From dawn til dusk you would hear the music of every soul that could play a bass or trombone. But then all of the lights come up as the sun goes down and set over the Mississippi. All things natural steps out and the electricity gets turned up to the MAX to cater to the beat makers, sound changers, digital mixers and subwoofers. That's right I'm talking about the deejays. I know every Dj that needs to be known when it came to partying at the clubs or block parties in New Orleans. Want some Ol' school step/blues/reggae, you call Dj Jump, Dj Rick, Dj Rob or Dj Roe. You want to shake, move and back "dat" ass up.. you call up Dj BlacknMild, Dj Lil Man, Dj Mike, Dj Peakachoo, Dj MoneyFresh and Dj RajSmoove (RIP). So needless to say when I moved to Atlanta I only knew of one or two but that list has grown over time and they have gotten greater over the years. One of my favorite deejays is a D-town native, living the life in Atlanta and changing the game up with his unexpected mixes and ingenious techniques, Dj Scrilla is becoming one of the most recognized deejays in the south. I had a chance to sit down to talk with him after a performance at Cream Ultra Lounge. " Dude you were off the chain! My legs are sore from dancing & the crowd energy was through the roof."

Dj Scrilla: *laughs* I appreciate it, glad you had a good time.

Q: When were you born? where? Dj Scrilla: January 10, 1982 in Detroit, Michigan.

Q: How did you get the name Dj Scrilla? Dj Scrilla: I used to make beats back in Detroit and every time I get sum money I would just blow it. I mean I can't take it with me.

Q: Who is Dj Scrilla? Dj Scrilla: I'm a educated dude, raised in the suburbs of Detroit. Graduated from Bellville High School & went to college for a couple years.

Q: When did u start making beats? and deejaying?
Dj Scrilla: Back in high school I started making beats but I was always the one known for having all the music and I had the "equipment" so the school would ask me to play for a dance or people from around the neighborhood would call if they was having a party. I had 2 cd players and sum speakers I put together *laughs* but I had a mixer. It was a ghetto setup but it worked.

Q: So, what brought you to Atlanta? Dj Scrilla: I came here in 2003 to make beats for a local group then ended up staying. There were no jobs back home so I got a job at a fast-food joint to support myself inbetween gigs. 

Q: Who or what inspired you to become a full time dj? Dj Scrilla: Dj Maestro.

Q: Really? Dj Scrilla: Yeah I used to pass out flyers for the club promoters for extra cash. Afterwards I would go to the club and sit in the Dj booth and watch him play. Then I got some equipment and started practicing. Til this day he still be on me about perfecting my craft. He my mentor & I look up to him like a big brother.

Q: What was your 1st dj gig in Atlanta? Dj Scrilla: My 1st paid gig was at the afterhours hosted by DSOB. Now I spin for 5 clubs throughout metro-Atlanta. Shout Out to Fab5Atl & the Legendary RT Parties for the opportunity.

Q: Where/what would you be if you weren't a dj? Dj Scrilla: I'd be going to school or working a 9-5 office job. I like technology.

Q: What is a average day for you? Dj Scrilla: Usually I'm working but I play PS3 (Modern Warfare), sleep when I can, web surf..check out new music, working on my own music, thinking about the next level I want to achieve.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish? Dj Scrilla: I want to be a trendsetter. I also intend to have my own record label, radio show and charities

Q: What do you like about the entertainment industry?
Dj Scrilla: The parties and events, the networking. The energy the people have while listening to me mix. I love it!

Q: What can the people expect from you? Dj Scrilla: The best is what I strive for everyday. Its all or nothing from start to finish with me.

Q: Are you currently working on any projects? Dj Scrilla: Im releasing a mixtape MLK Weekend which is also my birthday weekend. Also LIVE broadcasting from different venues.

Q: Where can people hear you spin? Dj Scrilla: You can catch me in the ATL spinning at the hottest clubs ie. Primal, New York, Rain, 91, Cream. You can follow me @DjScrillaatl on Twitter or Facebook: Deejay Scrilla to see where I'm at because I just hired a publicist (Bright Publicity) so I may be in your city blazing up the speakers. *smiles*

Thanks for taking time out your schedule to talk to the people. Dj Scrilla: No problem, it’s a pleasure and a honor to be noticed.

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