Monday, January 23, 2012

I Overcame: The Daniel Hill Interview

Hot boy and ex pornstar Daniel Hill/Karamel Delite left the adult entertainment alone and now working on some wonderful things in his life. He stopped by to give us his scoop.

Who is Daniel?
Daniel is someone that I believe that everyone would love to be around with, I'm very easy-going, understanding, I'm never the one to judge anyone, and I always try my best to keep myself open-minded.

What was growing up like for you?
Growing up for me was pretty much a average family out there, I grew up most of my life without having both parent under the same household. They were divorced when I was 5, I also spent a lot of my childhood moving state to state, city to city. I never had a stable life.

What is your coming out story?
My coming out was simple as ever, my step-mom's son who attended the LGBT Center here in Milwaukee,  told my father that he had seen me there. I was 15 at that time, he came to me and said " I know bout you" and I knew exactly what he meant by that.

How did the people around you accept or change after you came out?
He was accepting but he is constantly trying to accept the fact that I won't be married to a woman and have a child in a natural way. My sister was the last one to accept me, she was my bestfriend, she had pushed me away for some time, eventually she came around.

What made you become interested in becoming an adult entertainer?
When I was 18 I was pretty much going wild with my life, since my life wasn't much of a stable life, I was bouncing everywhere. I was carefree, I never said I wanted to be a porn star, but that day when I saw the ad for "model wanted" I wasted no time and applied for it.

Were there other offers for you or was Flava Works and Cocodorm it?
Once I was done with cocodorn and flavawork, I went back home. Several months later offers was pouring in, I was asked to do breed it raw, dawgpound, etc.. but I declined it because I realized I didn't want to do that anymore.

What was your experience like at the dorm?
My experience at the dorm was good and bad, it was good because I was meeting different people, I was seeing new things out there, it was like a whole another life in Miami and I fell in love with Miami. It was bad because shortly before my departure, I had a change of heart of doing porn, it was so heavy on my guiltiness, and plus none of my people knew anything bout it.

Did you find it difficult to have your every move recorded while in the house?
I didn't find it difficult at all, cuz I always like the attention. So being on camera made me feel like the star lol.

What made you come up with the name and persona of Karamel Delite?
I got the name "Karamel delite" from my "fans" as my friend would call them. Before cocodorn, i had ppl called me delite, caramel, etc.. so I came up with Karamel delite.

What would you say was the hardest thing was being in the dorm?

The hardest thing at the dorm was that at the end of the day, I was alone, I kept a lot of stuff to myself. I always turn to the viewer for attentions to make it up for it but it only last for so long.

Out of everyone whom you interacted with in the dorm, who would you say your favorite was?
There was a guy named Ignition, he clicked as soon I got there, he always looked out for me and I looked out for him as well. He grew closer as time goes by. He was like a big brother to me.

What would you say was your most memorable experience was with FlavaWorks?
My most memorable experience with flava was when I went to the beach in south beach on the 3rd day I was there. Everyone was swarming around me and they know who I was. It was amazing .

If you had to do it all again would you?
I wouldn't do it again, I don't regret it but I learnt a lot, it taught me some stuff. I realized I'm not cut out for this kind of business.

Now since you aren't in that lifestyle anymore what are you doing?
I'm currently working in a clothing store, I'm in a training program for my next position as a manager, I also received my nursing degree as well and I will be enrolling to Columbia in Chicago in august of 2012 to study art history.

A lot of people in the LGBT Culture would classify you as a pretty boy, do you get that a lot and do you feel that it is a bad stigma or not?
I always get that Pretty boy thing everywhere I go. It can be good and bad, it can be good because I love the way of how. It can be bad because, some people think pretty boys are the "hoes", they are stuck up, they would sometime automatically dislike us, but its also the guys who think we are easy and we are incapable of being trustworthy of being in relationship.

What is one of your greatest talents you posses?
My greatest talent that I possess of would be, well I don't think I don't have one lol I don't dance, I don't sing, can't act, I'm pretty much average!! But I still stand out from the most.

I'm pretty sure you get this alot
I am single, had been for awhile but I'm open to dating as well.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
In five years, I'm hoping ill have my degree in art history, ill be resided in Miami like I always wanted to be.

Do you have any last words for your fans and my viewers?
A quote that I always admired " you have to immerse yourself into a unfamiliar world to truly know your owns" meaning that you have to be open-minded and be willing to see the other side and give your most to understand one or another.


  1. Sexy as fuck but glad to see he got out that life

  2. Does Daniel have a facebook?

    1. yes he does!/dannyhill2012?fref=ts

  3. i wanna see some of his porns .