Friday, January 13, 2012


So as I told you all 2012 we would be introducing new things and people to The Scoop. Well here is our new opinion and advice columnist Reese iiMage.

  First  I would like to introduce myself.  I am Reese iiMage, an aspiring singer that resides in Atlanta, GA.  Aside from singing and being an artist, I am also an observer of social issues, and I have strong opinions about our society. As a gay man I have observed some disappointing things in the gay community, especially in the black gay community!  I have these opinions, and thoughts, and I'm not by any means afraid to express them.

                When I was asked to have my own column with The Scoop Entertainment I was honored, and excited to be able to express my feelings and thoughts on a higher level other than just the regular social networks.   My opinions about the gay life style and society should not be taken as me being judgemental or critical.  It should be taken as me recognizing certain issues and giving other options on how to deal with life's trials.

                The gay community has so many great things happening inside of it, and also very disturbing things as well. It all ranges from the positivity of gay marriages in the U.S.A, to the negativity of the raising cases of HIV infections caused by unprotected sex. i will touch on all these issues, and shed a new light on them to express how I feel.

                Don't think its gonna be all about seriousness!!! cause I have to also talk about the messiness of the society, and the LATENESS that goes on with these foolish queens!!!  So that's my introduction!! sit back and enjoy the ride!!!!

Reese iiMage

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