Thursday, January 19, 2012


I  have been seeing a common trend in the gay community. There are a lot of us who are lonely and looking for "love", but what are we actually looking for? Do we want a long lasting healthy relationship? A cutie just to show off? or just sex?  There is such a huge spectrum of different kinds of gay men, and just as many preferences, and must haves.  Its so hard for a good man to find another good man because they are a few and far in between.

                What makes it so hard to find "the one" is that there are so many men in this lifestyle that are all about sex, and what they can get out of you.  Gay men can be some of the most whorish using creatures on earth and you really have to know how to identify them and move away quick!  Some of these dudes will say whatever or do whatever to make you like them just so they can get all up in your goodies.  if you are really looking for a hubby your not going to find him in random hook ups. A lot of us try to find love in sex, but if the only good thing is the sex then sweetie it will end and it will end quick.  Stop giving it up so easily!  Try to get to know the guy before you engage in sexual things.  If you really get to know the guy, you can hopefully find a foundation to build off of so when you do have sex it will be passionate, and you will be able to hopefully trust them.

                Another thing that messes us up is the unrealistic expectations.  As we all know the way people look is a big factor in this community for picking who we are going to date and who we won't date.  Some of us want perfection!!  Perfect body, perfect face, perfect career, and blah blah blah!!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a type or having preferences,  BUT we can get a little ridiculous.  Its to the point where some people don't care about personality or chemistry.  They are solely worried about how you look.  A guy can be a complete asshole but some guys will overlook that for a six pack, big dick, or a phat ass, and at the end of the day that asshole personality will overcome that perfect body, and the relationship will eventually crash and burn.

                Basically, if we want to find the right guy.  If we want love.  We are going have to stop looking at materialistic, and selfish things, and start looking at personality, and spirit.  That's the only true way you will be able to find love, and happiness.

Reese iiMage

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