Saturday, January 28, 2012


Have you ever walked into the club or a gay event and just felt the shade and judgement coming from the crowd?  Yea that's exactly what I want to talk about, the attitude that gay men have towards each other.  I think it's pretty sad that one can't walk into a social setting without someone throwing shade, or whispering things about what you look like or what you have on.  Also the attitude that some of us gay men have like we are the shit, and better than the next.  Its all getting ridiculous and old.

                Alot of us in this community think that homphobics and religious radicals are bullying us and making it hard to live.  When in reality we are bullying each other.  We don't have to worry about people on the outside when we bring each other down in our very own community.  It's like watching a cat fight when you get a group of gay men together, and that's pretty disappointing.  There is no reason for us not to be able get along, and co-exist with each other.  We need to stop acting so grand, and uppity.  Just because you did your cousins make-up for prom doesn't make you a celebrity make-up artist, and so what you style hair out your kitchen? that doesn't make you a famous hair stylist.  Get your feet back on ground, and start treating your fellow gay with respect and acceptance.

                Moral of the story is we need to just start being a little bit more nice to each other.  There's nothing wrong with paying someone a compliment even if their outfit isn't the best.  Just let them know that you noticed the effort.  Also when someone pays you a compliment be gracious about it.  be appreciative that someone noticed you and liked what they saw.  I promise that if we try our best this community could be such a positve uplifting place.

Reese iiMage

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