Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reese Piece of Mind

First let me start off by saying this messege is not bashing sex or people that love sex. Its just me giving a little advice about how we should take care of ourselves. Ok that being said let me start reading!! Men in the gay community really need to start thinking with their heads and not their dicks or asses. What i'm saying is we really have to start practicing safe sex. Way too many people in this community are engaging in unsafe sexual experiences and not thinking about the consequences. A great amount of men especially young black men are running around having sex with multiple partners and hardly ever using a condom. These actions are really causing increases in new H.I.V and A.I.D.S cases througout the united states.

I have heard all the excuses there is about the reasons why some people do not use condoms, such as "It feels better without it" or "I'm too big. they don't fit". All excuses for not wearing condoms are stupid and invalid. First off no ones penis is too big to fit a condom. Condoms come in all sizes, from small to extra large. For the "it feels better without it" excuse thats also a bunch of bull, because they make all kinds of condoms that are designed for extra pleasure, and sensitivity. Using excuses just shows how naive and irresponsible people are. Not using a condom just because you say it doesn't feel good is like saying you rather have a good nut than having good health. H.I.V is really making its way through our community, and some people pretend like it doesn't exist or they are immune to it.

It all boils down to having self-respect. You go to gym, wear nice clothes, and stay well groomed, but you can't take extra precautions by using protection? It should be very important to us to use protection so we can live long healthy lives. Black and latino gay men make up 2% of the population in the united states, but 61% of the 2% make up the new H.I.V and A.I.D.S cases. Thats over half of our community, and we are virtually doing nothing to help. We have to start taking action, and protect ourselves, because this disease is taking us out one by one......

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