Thursday, February 9, 2012


As some of you may know a video hit the web this week showing a disgusting showcase of hatred and ignorance.  In this video an innocent young man Brandon White 20,  was brutally attacked by three gang members in front of a convenience in Atlanta, GA while another man filmed the whole ordeal.  They attacked this young man all because of his sexual orientation which is homosexual.  They waited for him to exit the store then attacked him off guard rendering him defenseless.  In the video you can see three men punching, kicking, and even hitting the victim with a car tire. 

                All of this hatred, and stigma in this world has got to come to an end.  It is shameful that a human being can't even go to the local corner store without being attacked by wild animals posing as human beings.  The sad thing about it is those boys that attacked Brandon White probably feel in their hearts that what they did to him was O.K.  Also to think that this was just one instance.  We have no idea how many times they have done this to others, and we don't think that this is a common thing around the world.  This incident just shows how insecure and scared those gang members were.  A little 120 lb boy was that much of a threat to them that they had to attack him.  When in reality they are fighting themselves.  They most likely see themselves in a openly gay mans eyes, cause they are hiding their own secrets, and desires.  Only hurt people hurt others, and clearly these boys have so much hurt in them that they had to brutally punish someone else.

                Hate crimes just don't end at LGBT attacks.  Hate crimes are running rapid in this world.  If it's not sexual orientation, it's race.  If it's not race, it's religion.  It's like a vicious cycle of ignorance.  It's 2012, we should be at a place where we are accepting everyone and respecting what they believe.  What someone else does in their personal life has nothing to do with me.   If it doesn't hurt anyone or me, then I could really careless.  More people in this world should have that mind set.  If we worry more about what we have to do and stop worrying about everyone elses business this would be  a more peaceful world.

                I pray with all my heart that this world can be blind to hatred and ignorance, and open their eyes to love and acceptance.  Until that day I will be working my hardest on trying to change some peoples views on certain issues, because we all need to have a little more empathy and understanding for what people are feeling and going through.

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