Friday, March 16, 2012

The Passion Inside: The Roman Interview

As promised ATL's Hot Boy Roman stopped pass to start off our ATL exotic dancer series. Take a Look into his life and the Start of his Career.

Who is Roman?
Who is Roman you ask? He is a passionate masculine male who very exotic and sexual ... So the main word to say about Roman is PASSION

What was growing up like for you?  
Man growing up for me was cool, I always was the crazy child who like to go bike riding but inside I like boys but paid it no mind.. I have a family of three and we all use to get on each other nerves because we all are different ....

Did you find it difficult to come out to your family?   
As far as my family knowing I guess I let them have to find out for themselves.. Me and moms had a sit down and she was shocked because I went from having girlfriends but then it went from having girlfriends to have alot of strange looking men . So moms wanted to know then I told her .. Now shes okay with it but then again still to this day its still a problem so she in and out about .. as far as my sister and Bro they don't care they still love me no matter what and they treat me no differently.. Now my dad its kinda don't ask don't tell he got his own family to worry about to raise right so as far as for me I'm my own person

Do you feel like people changed towards you when you came out?
    My Cousin did and my bestfriends also did as well cause they don't understand how I went from always having girls in my face to being gay.. I mean they act as if i would try them or what ever so we departed ... it hurts but o well no one knows the truth with the girls i been with.. I always was put in friend zone

What made you choose the stage name Roman?  
Crazy u ask that ... Me and my tourer Rudebwy Came up with it .. He felt it was sexy and it remind him of passion .. People always ask did it come from Nikki Minaj but naw because I'm not crazy it has two different meanings ...... But again I like what she doing with it so I'm me and she is she lmao

What made you decide to start your career in exotic dancing?
    I saw it was hmmm like easy money but yet it has its tricks and trades to it .. u cant just go out there and shake youur ass.. U gotta be sexy , have talent and be a go getter .. So with me it was hard because I'm not the average dancer as far as looks .. I'm not big and toned.. so I had to find my own way of standing out .. So I discovered the pole and start doing tricks and learning thing from YouTube and that what made Roman name pop... It does me a great pleasure to see other dancer liking what i do and trying to be like me .. it feel good to know when I come around I make them work harder ..but I'm just a ball in my own court and I grabs attentions

How many years have you been dancing?
 I have been background dancing all my life for upcoming artist .. But as far as exotic dance I can say about two years now

Who would you say were some of your biggest influences?
 My Homies Rudebwy, Vishes ,Miami , Fire and Superman

How did you come in contact with Wet In Atl?
 It was my gay dads birthday party and he also a dancer their and I had and invite So I came to support My Gay dad Big Beef .. So afterwards I did my networking and got my way into the mix in the cast of Wet In ATL

What Has your experience been like with Wet?
Building confidence and building fan bases wand learning how to be a sexy individual in a respectful sexy way

Do you feel like there is a lot of competition between exotic dancers in ATL?
Yes Gawd... Hating and non supporting carries on in the atl but also I say when they see something it makes them want to do better because the new can out do the old so they gotta keep up and stay current to still be hot.. hell I go threw the same.. but also it has it goods to Building good friends and people to relate on your hustle

Who if anyone would you say is your biggest competition? 
 Ummmmm nobody really.. I feel everyone i meet or see has their own light. So I praise people in doing good ..I can say the bigger guys that don't have to do much might but my biggest competition because I'm not the biggest so I do may have to do more to compare

What is one thing you do prior to a performance?
Pole dancing and doing sexual acts for the naked eye to enjoy and make people want me

When you are performing what is going through your mind?
 I wonder who's gonna like me and what new people who adores me ..

What is something that not many people would know about you?
People think I have alot going on and I think I have a man or whatever but I'm a loner... I'm a down to earth person that's easy to get along with and not easy by a long shot

Can you walk us through a day in the life of Roman?
Well I also been the life of the party but normally I just hang out with friends go out to eat and go to club and house parties but its also good because when I do be out since roman came to be alot more people know who I am.. so it makes me feel good to either show my talent or be known for what I do

As a public figure what is one thing you plan to change in the LGBT Culture?
To get along and do more positive things for one another as far as shelter and support on aids awareness and counselling

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  Unsure i am living the moment right now .. But having a stable job raising kids and hopefully be in love

Do you have any last words for your fans and my viewers? 
Well check me out I am Roman and I will entertain you in every way I can and also if you are interested ... Gain Your confidants and don't let no one tell you that you cant... it fun and all do respect on the respect you have for yourself ..Add me on Twitter.. Only1_roman or simply facebook me Omar Shellman



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