Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dinner For 3 by Slim Goodie

 It was Friday evening and I was getting off from work with having a great weekend on my mind.  What is there to do for a single sexy African American Male I asked my self. As I pulled into my drive way my Cell phone rang.

Joel:"Hello, Hey Mike this is Joel what's going on man."

Mike:"Nothing much just pulling in the drive way and getting ready to head in the house."

Joel:"Keith and I was wonderful if you wanted a little company tonight because there is something that we really need to talk to you about."

Mike: "Okay that's cool, around what time are you guys thinking about coming?"

Joel: "Around 9pm is that cool."

Mike: "Yes that's cool that will give me time to get out of these work clothes and chill for a minute."

Joel: "Okay Mike we will see you at 9."

  I got out the car, went in the house, took got my clothes off and jumped in the shower.

  As I was in the shower my mind was racing and wondering what in the world do they have to talk to me about? Shit what ever they want to talk about I know I'm horny as shit, I hope they don't stay to long.  I decided to cook something for us to eat cause they might want something to eat when they get here. I decided to lounge around in my Dallas Cowboys Lounge pants with my wife beater on waiting for them to get there. The door bell rang and I walked to the door to answer it still wondering what they wanted to talk to me about.

Mike: "Hey what's up Joel and Keith."

"Wassup" said Joel and Keith.

"Here is a bottle of  E and J for you" said Keith.

I said, "Thanks a lot man" but as I turned to walk away I heard Keith trying to whisper to Joel "Damn he has a nice piece and a fat ass."  Hey guys I made some wingettes so we can munch on while we talk. "Thanks man good looking out", said Joel. So what is it that you want to talk about, well before you start let me make myself a drink, lol. I made my drink and went back and sat on the couch in the living room. Okay I'm ready.

Keith: "Well Mike you know that you and I have been friends for Years even before Joel and I got together."

 Mike: "Yeah I know that."

Joel: "Well we hope what we are about to say won't change anything between us."

  "Okay I'm listening" said Mike.

Joel: "Well Keith and I both have a serious crush on you and would really like to get down with you for real man."

  I looked kinda shocked, and said "Are you serious man?"

  "Yes we are real serious" said Joel.

"Well damn I really don't know what to say about that", said Mike. As soon as I got the words out of my mouth Joel was on his knees taking off my lounge pants and Keith began to take off my wife beater.

To Be Continued......