Monday, June 11, 2012

Ask Lena

So we have a lot of viewers who write in and ask us questions and we finally have our advice column up. Now remember these are just opinions from our advice columnist and should be taken accordingly.

Annonymous asked: I am a 19 year old and I just found Out I am HIV Positive. I have only had sex with one person and we didnt use condoms. How should I tell him and my parents?
Annonymous your going to have to be honest cause your friend may have to get tested as well. Now to your parents tell then together but prepare yourself because there may be some hurt feelings. But at the end of the day your parents will embrace you and love you.

James Procter on Facebook; How do I tell someone I'm not interested without hurting their feelings?

James just being honest and make sure your not sending mixed signals. Its better to let them know how you feel then to continue to lead them on.

ManilaLuzon Coture on Facebook: I really want a boyfriend, what should I do?

Coture if you really want a boyfriend the best thing I can tell you is don't look for one just let it happen. Be yourself because if you dont the person you want may never find you.

DJ: I just got into a comitted relationship and I really like the guy but I havent told him I have 4 kids, How should I tell him?

DJ one evening when you guys get together just tell him because he has a right to know and if this is going to be a LTR they will be a part of his life as well. Dont start your relationship with secrets especially one that big.

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