Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dejuan Diamond The Interview

So I came in contact with FlavaWorks model Dejuan Diamond. He is a very interesting young man with a very good story. Here is our interview.

Who Is Dejuan Diamond?
Dejuan Diamond is a very chilled, laid back, funny, outrageous person. I like to have fun, shop, party and chill with friends and other porn stars and celebs.  When the time is right I am a very serious person and like to take care of business before having fun. My saying is “Work first and Party Later”.  But over all I am a fun guy to hang out with.

What Made You Choose The Name Dejuan Diamond?
The name Dejuan Diamond came as simple as me taking one of my middle names and the company putting “Diamond” at the end, but I like that I have the name “Diamond” because me and one other very notable person has the name “Diamond” and that is Breion Diamond. Breion Diamond is someone that I look up to and want to keep his legacy going in the porn business but the only thing different about us is that he was a top and I’m a vers. but I think I am holding the name “Diamond” up pretty good but there is always room for improvement.

What Was Your Childhood Like?
My childhood was very different then most peoples, my parents were divorced before I could even speak or walk, so really I didn’t know my father till I was in like the 1st grade or something like that. Then after a while I moved in my dad’s house and he was in the army at the time so we did a little traveling from state to state but I could say that kind of helped me because I got to meet new people almost every year and that’s why now I can just talk to anyone with no problem.  And most of the time I got what I wanted and I love that, even though there were two other siblings there too. 

Do You Have Any Regrets In Your Childhood?
Something’s I do wish I would have did differently but nothing really that I regret.

What is your coming out story?
My coming out story is that I told my family when I was 16 a day after Thanksgiving. I got up the morning after Thanksgiving and my step father came to me and said “I heard you were going out with another male?” and I simply said “YES”. I felt like there was nothing to hide so I just came clean about it because before then I was on the Down Low. But after I told my step father of course being a man he had to go call most of the men up in my family and ask to have a meeting with me, which I thought was so unnecessary. They all had a meeting with me that day for like 3 hours straight but they act like I was listening to them when I definitely wasn’t, I didn’t care because I was going to do my own thing which was being gay.

Do you wish that you could’ve have came out in a different way?
Yes I really do. I wish my nosey parents would have just waited till I was ready to tell them but that’s parents for you. LOL

What made you decide to get into the adult entertainment field?
What made me get into this business is because I had the whole thing with Phil Hinkle in Indiana and after that happened I just wanted to find something else to do and Phillip Bleicher the owner of FlavaWorks contacted me and asked me if I would like to be a part of his company and me being the person I am accepted his offer and now I am Dejuan Diamond “porn star” nominated for “Best Acting Bottom”.

What was your deciding factor in choosing to start your career with Flavaworks?
I choose was FlavaWorks because I looked on their site and I saw a lot of cute people that I would have love to do a shoot with, so to make the long story short I chose the great company of FlavaWorks.

Did you have anyone who influenced you to follow this career?
The people that actually influenced me really to become what I am today is Trapp Boy and Kidd. I love them and look up to them the most. There are a lot of people to choose from but something about them two just motivated me to do it and try to be the best at it. LOVE YOU TRAPP BOY AND KIDD!!

What was your first day like on set?
My first day on set was crazy. That’s when I first met Breion Diamond, Domino Star, Romeo Storm, Chase Carter, and Ricky Royal. It wasn’t an orgy they were just there, but I actually got the privilege for Breion Diamond to tape my first shoot as a FlavaWorks Model. I was very nervous like most people are but I got the work done.

 What has your experience been so far at the dorm?
The dorm has been a fun place to stay. You never know what people are like and how they do things, so you basically have to adapt to everyone and everything. But let me tell you now “CoCo Dorm is not for everyone. If you feel like you can handle gay people in your city and don’t let them get to you, then you are cool, but if not it will be a hard time in there for anyone.”

Who has your favorite co-star been? Why?
My favorite co-star I would have to say has to be Tyler Trenton. Tyler is a very funny and outgoing person that is just full of energy. I love being on set and doing shows with him. Tyler is like my other funny half, when we are together it’s just jokes left and right for everyone. I love that boy.

What is it like to travel the world as a new found adult entertainer and people know your name?
It’s crazy but fun. I love when people come up to me and ask to take a picture with them and the whole 9 yards. I feel really appreciated when they do do things like that, it shows me that they watch me to know what I look like in public. But there are some fans who see me and get on Facebook and say something like “I saw you today but I was too scared to say anything to you”, I like that but I like to meet my fans, so if anyone sees me out and about please say something to ya boy. I LOVE MY FANS AND THERE SUPPORT.

You are currently in a relationship, do you mind telling my viewers who he is?
Yes I am in a relationship and his name is Domino Star!! 

Did you go to the dorm expecting to find love and a relationship?
I didn’t expect to be in a relationship at the dorm but I guess it was suppose to happen since we are together and have been together for 10 months now!! LOVE U DOMINO!!

You and Domino have established a family with a few of the guys in the dorm, being parental figures what are something’s that you guys instill in your children?
We have children inside the dorm and outside which we do check up on and hang out with and just spend time with them to let them know you do have someone there for you. But my kids in the dorm that you guys have probably saw if you guys watch CoCo Dorm are Artiste Styles, Tyler Trenton, and Zy Wilson. With them three doing porn like Domino and I, I just try to instill in them that porn is forever but them being stars is not, so think for the future but have fun with your life, just don’t get locked up, which I don’t think we have to worry about.

If you were not doing porn right now what would you be doing?
If I wasn’t doing porn I Would be just living life I don’t know what I would be doing. I do so much and I am everywhere!!

What is something that a lot of people dont know about you?
LOL wow!! I use to be a band geek. Too funny

Where do you see yourself 5 years down the road in your adult entertainment career and your life in general?
In the Adult Entertainment nowhere near it but just like visiting old and new models and life in general I want to be doing professional modeling and being the best at it and just helping the Gay Community out by just doing anything that helps them live life freely.

What are some words of encouragement you can give someone who wants to join the industry?
To anyone that wants to join the Adult Entertainment Business make sure you can do everything that you say you can do because it can get embarrassing on your first shoot.  Just letting yall know.

Do you have any last words for your fans and my viewers?
To the viewers and fans: I love yall, thank you for the support and I will try my best to keep up the good work and make things even hotter and sexier.  And make sure if you see me out speak to me and not just stare and then get on facebook and say, I saw you because I will call you out, since I told you through this interview. LOL naw but love yall and thank you for the support and please keep it up. Thank You.

Please go vote ya boy Dejuan Diamond for your 2012 “Best Acting Bottom”


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    1. i kike your story it is very good

  2. This was a true keke of a interview, professional modeling doesn't exist for people who have done porn already. Just being honest. The porn industry is a revolving door that may move slow for some and fast for others.

  3. If I were to ever have a life partner, it would be Dejuan Diamond. He's everything I could ever want!!! :~)

  4. If I were to ever have a life partner, it would be Dejuan Diamond. He's everything I could ever want!!! :~)

  5. Dejuan you're so attractive... It amazes me how someone as beautiful as you can even exist in a world such as this. I wish nothing but the best for you in your future endeavors. Keep yourself protected and have fun!!!
    You rock!

  6. Great interview, love Dejuan and his juicy booty!

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