Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Scoop Exclusive: B Ames Interview

So months ago I came across an interesting young man and his mixes on YouTube. I instantly feel in love with all of his music. I present to some and introduce to other B. Ames

Who is B Ames?
Hmm.. “B. Ames’’ is… At this point I honestly don't know. I'm just along for the ride. I'm still waiting to see for myself. I'm just constantly changing. And I'm fine with that. I would rather people define that for themselves and take what they want. It’s all about what people want to see anyway.
What was growing up like for you?
Very emotional. Very up and down. Very religious. Sheltered. I was quite miserable actually.

What is your coming out story?
I never really had one to be honest. I just always was. I just am. The only person I really ever had to clarify who I had attraction towards would be my mother, and another member of my family. But that’s about it. I never felt the need to “say it”.

Can you tell people who may bout know what androgyny is?
Something that shouldn’t be defined. It can be many thing, but I think the root of it is being able to blur gender lines. Period. Each person has their own definition of what it is.

When did your begin exploring the world of androgyny?
About four years ago is when I really started playing in it. Makeup was obviously step number one. (which isn’t the thing that defines it) I’ve always been intrigued by it. For the longest, whether it be RuPaul, Annie Lennox, Kevin Aviance, Prince… It always struck a chord with me. Even trans people. Anything that had to do with blurring the line intrigued me, but it all really started making sense about 5-6 years ago when I was able to really be exposed to everything.

Do you feel as though people changed towards you when you came out?
I think when I started coming into my own, and really started exploring myself, I think people have changed for the better. Especially the ones close to be in my life. They know that I can be a random, changing person. I have my stable moments, but then boredom kicks in. So to really answer the question, Yes AND no, the ones who may have a problem with it are not in my life, and the ones that don’t are still here by my side. That’s more so towards family and friends. As far as my music life, no, because a lot of my roots start within the LGBT community so that’s something they expect, if anything me just being me, has drawn more people to me and my music, which I am really grateful for.

When did you begin your interest in music?
I didn’t really start getting hands on until I was about 12 I want to say. But that’s always been there. Ever since I can remember. (my passion for music and art period). Playing and mixing my dual deck cassette tape players together to make a mix. Recording my voice as if I was on a radio show. I’ve just always been into it somehow, it’s just evolved in a much bigger way. Then I got into the ballroom scene’s music at about the age of 16- 18 I want to say. And a few years later I became a part of my amazing team Qween Beat. MikeQ who is the founder of it is someone who really inspired me to start doing more ballroom tracks even before I became a part of it.

What are the concepts behind your remixes?
Feel the beat, and let it speak to you. Most of the time, I don’t have concepts. I just do what I’m feeling at that moment, for my remixes. If it comes to my original tracks, it’s difficult for me to say, just a lot of things that I feel, or may take inspiration from in that 3 to 4 minutes or so.

Where would yout say your inspirations come from?
My thoughts, my dreams, colors. Some days it’s harder than others to pull inspiration form such an uninspiring world. I have to really dig sometimes to find things that peak my interest, or make me want to write a song, or do a makeup look. Thankfully my other half/best friend Steaphon really helps me out with that when I have those moments. Which he actually is a big part of my art life as well. He’s the complete opposite of me sometimes which in turn really opens my eyes to a lot of new things.

How long does it take for you to come up with your mixes?
Can’t really say for sure. It all depends on the circumstances, how into it I am, how many effects are in it. But, if I were to work on one straight nonstop, and if I’m really taking my time and into it, I would say about 9-10 hours or so. Usually that’s spread out in days and I’m working on other mixes at the same time. It really all depends, some are done A LOT faster than that.

Can you tell us what B Ames stands for?
"B. Ames" it actually comes from my first initial and last name. I would always switch my name up so I just said, “that’s the closest name to ME for right now” so I just stuck with that

Are there any collaborations with anyone you would like to do? Why?
RuPaul is definitely my number one, I really feel that’s gonna’ happen soon actually.. Then there is Marina & The Diamonds who I feel in love with. I really would love that. Her music speaks to me so much. Then of course I would do something with BeyoncĂ© and Ciara, a ‘lil “one two”track for the girls. (which would be such a fun experience) Narsha who is a Korean Pop artists who is a part of the group (Brown Eyed Girls) who I have also fell in love with. Sunny Hill (Korean as well) Nomi Ruiz (aka Jessica 6) Antony Hegarty, Sam Sparro, Jessie Ware.. M.I.A. Grace Jones, Prince, Chaka khan. Naommon.. There are so many from so many spectrums that I really need to stop myself because I might not reach an end.

Ok so I have been through and seen a lot of your photos and your never look the same. What us the inspiration behind your look?
So many things… I can’t pinpoint one, but lately I’ve been feeling very anime. But other that maybe just random things I see on tumblr. Or just how I’m feeling at that moment. I’ve never really given much thought to that. Just however I’m feeling, it shows.

Do you think that any of your music our concepts will be adapted by any major labels?
Already has been. I think one of my styles which is“ballroom vogue house” is already getting really popular. Its watered right now, and hinted in a lot of dance songs, or artists who were once underground and making mainstream success. But, that’s what my team Qween Beat is for, we’re going to show people what vogue house music looks like and should sound like. No watered down half versions. Set aside form my own personal music, and not so much vogue house tracks.

Do you feel as though the world is ready for an openly gay and androgynist artist?
Yes, but there already has been plenty before me. I don't even consider myself to be an androgynous person. I just, am.

What is one thing you wish you could change in the lgbt community?
The discrimination. I just don’t completely comprehend how a group of people who FIGHT against it, still turn around and do the same thing whiting itself. Why can’t people just be? I’m not going to get to deep into that, but that’s it. More so in the ballroom scene, just bring back the fun. That’s all I have to say on that.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Just doing what it is that I love, not matter what it is. And being happy with it. Having my feet finally where I want to be.

Do you have any last words for your fans and my viewers?
Don’t be afraid to try new things. I have to constantly remind myself and push myself to do that every day. Regardless if you mess up, that’s the beauty of it. Is learning and developing who you are as an individual. Whatever you have a passion for; don’t be afraid to fight for it. All and all, it may sound clichĂ© but, just be you. That’s all this world really asks for. All and all, just allow yourself to be happy because nobody else is going to do that for you.