Monday, July 9, 2012

"The Skinny" Official Review

Patrik Ian Polk's new film, "The Skinny" is a guaranteed smash hit. This movie takes us on a journey throughout 5 college friends, Magnus (Jussie Smollett), Kyle (Anthony Burrell), Sebastian (Blake Young Fountain), Langston (Shanika Warren-Markland), and Joey (Jeffrey Bowyer), meeting up for NYC Pride.

Magnus, whom seemed to be the most zen one of the group is hosting everyone in his apartment in New York. Magnus has been in a 5 month relationship which lacks the intimacy that Magnus is yearning for.

Kyle, whom is more of the free spirit of the group is more like the Ricky (Noah's Arc) of the group venture in to random hookups and sex parties.

Sebastian, is the young kid whom just ventured back to the states after his parent gave him a trip to france for his graduation.

Langston, whom is the only Lesbian in the group is very shy and is really hooked on getting laid this weekend.

Joey, is really like a twin to Langston. Very shy and hooked on getting laid this weekend.

This movie is very out of the ordinary as it shows us what its like for a group of friends during pride across the country. These 5 individuals all have different stories but all are intertwined in some way. I really suggest everyone to support this Black Gay Film. The messages in this movie really come across and shares the message of HIV, Date Rape and other things. I really want to tell you all more but I dont want to give the whole movie away.

I rate this movie an A+. Please make sure you buy a copy of "The Skinny"

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