Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jeremy Copeland: The Interview

So I am always excited when I meet someone who is following there dreams. Jeremy Copeland is doing just that.

Who is Jeremy?

Jeremy is a fun, energetic, shy, focused man. I do not take NO as an answer and I work hard for what I want never expecting hand outs or short cuts.

What was growing up like for you?

Growing up for me was very interesting, my parents married very young and I have seen them go through so much. I was raised in Brooklyn NY to a mother who always worked 24/7 non stop and a father who did so as well. I was raised in the church, was home schooled, always sheltered and watched over. I grew up watching my mother being verbally and physically abused by my father which made me build a resentment towards him for years. At the age of 10 we drove down to Atlanta GA to have a better living, my mother was transfered over to another law-firm and my other worked for a bank. I was spoiled and always had the latest phones and clothes and etc, lol i remember my little 22inch black flat screen in my room with my name airbrushed on my wall in our 5 bedroom 2 level home in the suburbs of ATL (Good Times). But honestly even though I had the physical i did not have the emotional connection with my family which made me very angry inside and made me lash out at them and friends and etc. I have seen people killed in front of my own eyes at a young age, lost my best friend to death, seen my mother go through what she went through, ran away from home all that crazy shit man, growing up was tough for me

What sparked your interest in dance?

Dance found me! When I moved to ATL with my family, my mother started a praise and worship dance team at our church Living Faith Tabernacle and of course i had choice but to be in it. So I started doing the choreography and we started to travel all around the city dancing at different churches, then we went on tour around the country dancing and all that so it because a passion of mines. I then decided to take things to another level and starting taking classes at Dance 411 Studios and started learning from Choreographers like Chuck Maldonado, Codie Wiggins, Sean Bankhead and etc. People started seeing me grow, eventually I started teaching there and it was faith from there.

Hoe many years and what type of training have you had?

I have been training in dance since I was 14 and I am now 22 so about 8 Years now. I have train in Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles training under Choreographers like Brian Friedman, Andre Fuentes, Rhapsody James, LaurieAnn Gibson, Jamaica Craft, KiKiEly, Oththan Burnside, JR Taylor, Phlex and many many more. Love this dance life man.

What does the art form of dance mean to you?

Dance is LIFE! Its how I express myself when words cannot formulate what I am trying to convey.

What goes through your mind when coming up with choreography?

Well I just channel what I am going through in my life and make it real. If I cannot connect to the song then others wont.

How many artist have you worked with?

'Wow I cant even count..... because I not only dance I do red carpet interviews and have worked as an editor and journalist for publications and also have interviews over 120 celebs for my blog alone. But as far as dance I have worked with people like Dawn Richard, Brandy, Jennifer Lopez, Eminem, Rihanna, Beyonce, Lil Kim and BlackStreet just to name a few peeps.

Who would you say.your favorite artist is?
OMG Hands DOWN favorite artist to work with was BRANDY!! I LOVEEEE This woman and just got to work with her yesterday actually on her latest music video " Wildest Dreams ". Her energy is amazing her voice is perfection, I mean you have the FIRST Black Cinderella !! A woman who as doing collaborations with Diana Ross and Whitney Houston as a TEENAGER! Like working with her was a dream come true!

Do you feel like there is a lot of competetion between choreographers.out.there?

Oh Hell Yea! its a DOG EAT DO WORLD out here! I just stay in my line and work! I talk a lot of my dance gigs but I keep my Choreography gigs kinda under-wraps

What would you be doing right now of you werent dancing?
 I woud be doing MORE with Fashion! I went to school for Fashion Design and Merchandising and built such a LOVE for that industry. So Def would be designing! Which I will do later on down the line! I hope to do more Acting and be in Television so I am going to be making that happen come 2013!

How has becoming a professional dancer changed your.life?

Being a professional dancer and a known one at that has really gave me a platform to be a role model to other youth in a positive light!!! My story goes soooo much deeper than what people think and/or hear but I am here to show people that dreams do come true! I am only 22 and have accomplished more than most 30 year olds and way more than I ever thought I could! I am so blessed and humbled at the platform GOD gave me to share my gift.

If you could give a word of advice to any aspiring dancers out there what would you say?

Advice to other dancers!!! STAY OUT OF CLIQUES AND DANCE! TRAIN , PERFECT YOUR CRAFT! Realize this shit is a business and its all about BRANDING and your name! Dancers forget they are ARTISTS and that are a BRAND! What does your brand represent?

Where do you see yourself 5years from now?

WOW 5 years from now I hope to still be dancing and doing what I love! I Hope to have Choreographed for Beyonce and Madonna, Danced for Janet Jackson and have made a house hold name for myself!

Do you have any last words for your fans and my viewers?

To my fans and supporters, thank you for rocking with me!!! I have sooo much in store fr you guys! This is just the beginning of it All.....!!!!!

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