Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Great Morning my loves,

           It has been a good little month since I last posted anything but in that time we have prepared so much for you all. Our transition to Atlanta went pretty smooth and we couldn't have done it with out some of the most amazing an beautiful people. So whats next for us? Well clearly all the rumors about us not operating anymore were all false. We would never leave you all high and dry. we are moving up and elevating what we do.

         This year we are launching a major venture called The Scoop Network. The Scoop Network (TSN) will be our very own network designed fully of all LGBT Content. We will feature shows such as "The Scoop"- Talk Show,  "Pieces f Me"-Docu-Series, Original Interviews and "Mommaz Boi"-Web-series Again we haven't fully launched the site but we would like you all to go to it and tell us what you think. http://thescoopentertainmen.wix.com/scoopnetwork .

          Like I said we have so much in-store for you all. we just invite you to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Tyrieak Mines-Wright
The scoop entertainment

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