Friday, January 18, 2013

Read All about It!!! New Writer hits The Scoop Entertainment

Go head grab a cup of tea, light your candles.......
Align yourself and get into this!
Above all my passion is writing ...poetry is my first naturally..
I am glad to be apart of this new venture and giving a different perception! Thanks for dropping by and reading my blogspot! I am a proud woman that just so happens to be a lady lover. Hopefully I can shed some light on a lot of lesbian drama, love, and even some entertainment gossip, casting calls, special events and even advice! Consider me the AG Abbey of 2013!
I've recently stepped back into the entertainment industry in 2012, I've worked with independent labels as well as major television networks and I'm currently starting my event and production company! I'm extremely excited to bring you to my cosmic chaos and order, paint in some grey areas and enlightened the lost!
I'm all for supporting not only the gay community but the entire environment that surrounds us! 

My ultimate goal is bringing enlightenment. We are coming into an era of self love and appreciation..
Hopefully I can usher some of our generation into this.
It's beyond time to pick up some sense, stir in some wisdom and sprinkle some honesty on top of it all!!
I just may be the perfect person for the job. Bring some focus to you're house hold because......... some folks need a lil guidance and light shed on your situations, perceptions and mis-educations honey!
Be advised ... I am not judging... there are just too many things we sweep under the rug and nicely place a welcome sign on top!
Stay tuned for my next topic "the reality of reality t.v". Where I will talk about my experiences behind the scenes of a famous series recently filmed here in ATL and more...!!

still have tea in your cup? Well check out our other writers!
Peace and Blessings Folks!

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