Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sexy of The Week

Marcellus Shields, was born July 22, 1985. A Chicago native, the youngest of seven children he always remained motivated to get things accomplished no matter the circumstances! At the age of 23, he became part owner of a modeling agency termed Ruffstone Productions. But due to business legal issues, Marcellus and The CEO Gregory Denny quickly sever ties! But his focus remained strong, through the course of a couple of years. He later started a promotional company, which he named after his childhood nick name Celleau Productions. Within only a year, he has gotten artists on 13 digital radio stations and booked two shows at Circuit Night Club and Hydrate. Marcellus also made time to continue, his education at Ashford University online majoring in Business Management Entrepreneurship. Now his focused, is geared to make his own mark on his own terms.


  1. Love it! Marcellus is an inspiration! He is very handsome and has a warm and charming personality. From what i know about him, he remains motivated and dedicated to what he does. I really look forward to working with him becasue i believe he has the ability to make a big impact in whatever he does! #TeamCelleau!!!

  2. Very great Read! He is as cool as they come! Great businessman, level minded, and down to earth. "LIKE" CELLEAU PRODUCTIONS on Facebook for upcoming summer events!!