Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sexy of The Week

Marquan aka Quan, has always had a love for anything in the entertainment industry. music, fashion, movies, tv and all. He always had a big, blunt and a very outspoken opinion about it all. so he decided to make a youtube channel to express my opinion to the world. on my channel his review reality tv shows, the latest in music videos, albums, singles and performances, the newest movies, and of course hot topics that gets everyone attention. some people have called me the gay Wendy Williams and i am proud of that! "I like to think that I say the things that most are scared to say, even though there are plenty of other youtubers who speak there mind, I think no one can speak their mind like me because i dont hold back anything and no one or topic is off limits!" He hopes to one day take his channel from YouTube to the tv screen, my dream is to have a panel of gay men and women discussing entertainment, politics, hot topics and all. kind of like a gay version of the view! LOL. away from the camera i am still a very outspoken person who has  a passion for writing poetry, stories, songs and more. "I will be starting school in the fall at the Musicians Institute here in Hollywood, CA and be pursing a degree in music business entrepreneurship. I am a big dreamer and I have a lot of goals that i want to accomplish! Like I have always said...I want to have an empire like P.Diddy just bigger, better and for the gays!" youtube channel

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