Thursday, June 27, 2013

Racist Trayvon Martin Page (Warning Images Are Very Graphic)

As Day 4 of the Trayvon Martin Trial closed news of a very racist sick Facebook page surfaced. Since the release of Martin's death photo the Key evidence that the prosecutors used has been circulating around the internet to declare tat justice should be served for Trayvon. Well it is what this page RIP Trayvon Martin says and the images that are displayed that really have people going crazy. Images include Trayvons deceased body laying in random places, hanging on a cross, diving in a pool and even being abducted by a skittles alien.

We here at The Scoopp Entertainment believe in Justice for Trayvon so we are asking all of those who have Facebook and believe in Justice for this 17 year old young man whom lost his ife please click the link and report the page to be deleted.


  1. It Wasn't Up When I Clicked On It To Report It. If They Changed The Name, Let Me Know!

  2. They took it down.