Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Trayvon Martin Trial begins

The Trayvon Martin trial is currently underway. On yesterday opening statements from George Zimmerman's camp really made the jury and judge question how serious they are taking this trial as they opened with an Knock Knock Joke. But as this story moves along there is more and more coming out, pictures surfacing and a bone chilling 911 call that has surfaced.

I must warn you wall that the image that I am about t share is that of Trayvon Martin' s deceased body, which was presented in the courtroom on today. The prosecution released this photo today to try to get some sense of how Martin was shot and to attempt to make sense of why. When the prosecution released this picture Martin's father walked out of the courtroom and his mom simply turned her head as it had to be a lot to see her 17 yr old dead body laying on the ground.

Nancy Grace a former attorney and current HLN Show host cried when the prosecution also played a bone chilling 911 call in which you can hear Martin screaming for help then he's silenced as shots went off. We have also obtained the video of that phone call.  So do you think the prosecution has a case and do you believe justice will be served for this young man.

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