Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jacobs Family Ties

Jacob’s Family Ties, is a coming of age story. We find Jacob moving to Atlanta, GA from Hollywood, CA to find himself, and to make a connection with his distance relatives.  Through this process he is put to the test of trying to mold the family to an high exception, that even he doubts he can achieve. Black family drama of exceptions of each other drives us closer and farther apart.

Jacob Kohinoor You Tube Channel
Every Monday & Thursday @ 12:30pm
Starts 08-05-2013



  1. とても素晴らしいビデオだと思います。貴方はとても魅力的ナタレントです(^_-)

  2. とても素晴らしいビデオだと思います。貴方はとても魅力的ナタレントです(^_-)