Thursday, August 22, 2013

Exclusive Interview: Exotic Dancer Mustang

So the wait is over and the sexy strong stead Mustang is finally ready to grace our pages. And its only fitting that we give you this exclusive on his birthday....

Who is Mustang?
Mustang is a male entertainer who everyone loves, he is a great person. My name came from another dancer Bombay.
What was growing up like for you?
Growing up for me was very observant, I learned so many different things form the streets and I had a very spiritual connection with GOD 
Do you think events in your childhood help make you who you are today? Why? Why not?
Of course it did.  Why --Because of my upbringing, the things I picked up from parents and relatives. Why not --Also seeing things I did not like which made me do the complete opposite.
What would you say was the most challenging thing was growing up? Why?
Living for me and living out my parents dream.
What is your coming out story?
Relocating after the death of my moms and being homeless put things in perspective for me, to live my life on my terms and no longer need to hide who I am
What sparked your interest in exotic dancing?
going through hard times, and hanging out with friends, going to clubs and people liking my presence and body type. So I was asked to dance and I accepted
What does exotic dancing mean to you?
It means self expression, building a fantasy, and teasing someone to the point of extasy all the things i live for
Who would you say was your biggest inspiration was? Why?
My best friend Atl Show Stoppa HYPNOTIC
What sets you aside from other exotic dancers in Atl?
I have my own swag and preparation style
Do you feel like there is a lot of competition between exotic dancers in ATL?
Yes, I think there is alot of competition between dancers in Atlanta
Who would you say your biggest competition is? Why?
Honestly, I don't compete with dancers, but however its about (3) or (4) dancers who are in the same arena as I am.
What is something that you do in your show to keep the audience engaged?
Stunts and tricks lol 
What do you do right before you go out?
I meditate and get in my space and do the little tricks all dancers do to perform hint hint lol
When you are performing what is going through your mind?
Alot, I am A perfectionists I am constantly trying to see what i can improve on and what the nite will bring, i compete with myself to excel in my craft
Who are some of your favorite people to do shows with? Why?
King Jag, Arquez, Superman, & Phantom, because they are show stoppas and make it do with it do and I feed off of there energy when each of us perform together
What is something that not many people would know about you?
I'm musically inclined
What has been your favorite city to dance in? Why?
LA, Miami, and DC. they show me so much love.
Where do you see Mustang in 5 years?
On another level and platform
Do you have any last words for your fans and my viewers?
I love you all, and ya'll are incredible 


  1. Mustang is very interesting i never would have picked those things up by watching him however i could always tell it was something diffrent bouy him just didnt know what it was..........



  3. I went to school with him. Omg...his name is Albert Albritton. My goodness haven't seen him in over 10yrs.

  4. goodness I went to school With Albert Aka Mustang he was my road dawg we were together everyday and I loved loved loved him and his mom.. this guy went through a lot of things in and outta school but one thing I can say he was focused and he always wanted to make his mom happy!! I R.E.M. When we would be late coming home from school and she would call and say Albert ur dad said get ur ASS to the house she wouldn't curse she would spell it out ��. R.E.M. When she would walk up to the school rain sleet or snow to make sur e he came home and not get in any trouble.. he was a fighter only when ppl picked on thin tho.. be would bet the dog outta dudes and he done slapped a few girls to kmsl. This guy is amazing although a few other things surprised me when they came out �� We always suspected thing with him but me being his friend I let him be him.. I learned over the past 10 years things I've never ever suspected about him but I still didn't judge some were terrifying but I kept my ��closed.. and I admit I kinda hid from him.. I was devastated fr.. �� Cause I didn't kno tht side of him after being his bestfriend for almost 6 years @ the time.. But it is wht it is .. I'm glad to see things going How he wants and I'm glad to see he finally doesn't have to hide who he is on any level no matter how much it crushes me ��and I must admit this dude cause dance his ass off!! Rem I taught him how to walk it out lol and he had all the stuff in my aunts living room shaking ����.. or when I was pregnant and we used to walk every day after school and on the weekends to the Projects kmsl and dem girls used to be messy and he would go ham on em b4 I could say anything!! Oh Albert my boi I see u fool!! I'm not on FB but I get hipped to whts going on wit u I ❤️u still hope u read this soon����

  5. PSA he's about 10 sizes bigger thn these pic Now smh Huge!!!

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    Thanks for keeping people fanatics going👍❤

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