Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Annual Shop Love DC: Indie Market Week Takes Emerging Fashionand the Arts to New Heights in DC

Official Press Release
September 18th - 22nd, Façon Magazine, the VOICE of emerging fashion, brings main stream influence to the Indie art and fashion community. 

Washington, DC - Façon Magazine sets the stage in Washington, DC for the launch of Shop Love DC 2013: Indie Market Week. Shop Love DC has been designed to celebrate entrepreneurs, creatives, and independent retailers in Washington, D.C. Shop Love DC: Indie Market Week is an annual weeklong event to foster an atmosphere to encourage the DC creative community to network, support, shop, and provide brand exposure for some of the major local area brands in art, fashion, music, and business. The week of events will take place at the Anacostia Arts Center from September 18 – 21 and at the District Architecture Center on September 22nd. 

The Shop Love DC 2013 Planning Committee included a host of creative experts who worked diligently to pull together an exceptional array of events to demonstrate the wealth of knowledge, talent, and creativity that exists in DC. Our planning committee members are:
Janice Wallace, editor-in-chief, Façon Magazine
W. Roderic Hopkins, business affairs director, Façon Magazine
TaKeyia Dickens, pr/marketing director, Façon Magazine
Kiah Esaw, social media manager, Façon Magazine
Andrew Roby, president, District Fete
Aaron Handy, president, Model’s Inc.
Bang Paylor, ceo, Model’s Inc.
Joshua Hargrove, ceo, Postured Media Group
Jessica Quillin, creative director, Qullin Consulting

“Shop Love DC: Indie Week is more than an opportunity to shop; this is the pathway to success for many aspiring designers, artist, and musicians. Our planning committee has poured their vision, resources, and time into this week and we are excited to develop a platform for creatives to be seen and heard,” said Janice Wallace, Shop Love DC Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Façon Magazine.

Shop Love DC: Indie Market Week has been carefully planned to ensure attendees maximize their time and receive a comprehensive creative experience. This week will highlight the best of the best in fashion, media, arts, music and lifestyle. It will foster an environment to encourage the DC creative community and local consumers to come together to start a meaningful dialogue, to bond, to support local businesses, and to honor the amazing creative industries that add a great deal of value and revenue to DC’s creative economy.
The week’s events include:
  • EMERGE: This is the Façon Magazine’s Signature Event. It’s the event which sets the tone for a week of fashion and folly.  There will be some exciting local brands launching their new line of products. It will also be a great networking opportunity for creatives across the artistic spectrum.
  • INDIE UNPLUGGED: Designed to celebrate the performance artist in spoken word and music. It will be an evening of amazing poets and musical talent. 
  • INDIE POP: is a pop-up orchestrated to bring exposure to local artisans in fashion, beauty, arts, crafts, and music.
  • INDEPENDENCE: A FASHION SHOW: This fashion extravaganza will highlight a talented group of local and global emerging fashion artists. Five designers will show their new collections to an exclusive audience of fellow designers, fashion publicists, boutique owners, stylists, editors, and other select industry persons. 
  • FASHION 360: Is magnet for fashion insiders! This day-long event will provide skill-building workshops and keynote speakers to aid in the proficiency of core areas in entrepreneurship, business and fashion. 
Shop Love DC is here to rejuvenate, redesign, and reclaim the fashion, arts, and music culture in and around Washington, D.C. Support your local creative entrepreneurs! #CELEBRATEINDIE

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