Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Exclusive Interview: Exotic Dancer Shawty Blaq

I am always so fortunate to bring you guys exclusive interviews from some of the most influential people in the LGBT community. Shawty Blaq has a very huge following and I'm pretty sure all of his fans want to get to know him better. So here is our interview.
Who is Shawty Blaq?

Shawty Blaq is aka Tyler Trenton is a new comer to the porn game, whose funny, free hearted, & tiny

What is your coming out story?
Not really a big deal, my mother knew for awhile and she 100 % supports and love me so i really didn't have a traumatic experience .. I am just who i am lol i love to laugh and have fun 

What mad you choose the name Shawty Blaq?
It was just a name I choose since being from Atlanta

What sparked your interest in exotic dancing and what does exotic dancing mean to you?
I just love to dance so why not share my skills with my fans and it is way to get my brand out there. It is a release I am sexual person so it gives me a healthy outlet to tease and seduce my fans

What made you make the transition from Porn to Exotic Dancer back to Porn?
Well I was doing both but had to stop dancing when I left Miami (when I was In the 'Dorm). I missed and Sneakers & Poles @sneakers_poles approached so it gave me an opportunity to start that part of my life up again ...

Who would you say was your biggest inspiration was in exotic dancing? Why?
Domino Star ... I just love him aka he is  my popa I look up to him in dancing I  wanna be just like my popa when I make it to his level
What sets you aside from other exotic dancers in Atl?
Lol idk yet ... Only thing I could say is that I'm Tiny and got a fat ass and they may more built then me but they always say good things come in small packages

Do you feel like there is a lot of competition between exotic dancers in ATL?
Lol no... I don't think so, but I haven't really started dancing in Atl yet so we will see

Who would you say your biggest competition is? Why?
Lol I don't think I have on every, because every dancer is different and our audiences maybe feeled with people who likes different things not everyone likes the same thing

What is something that you do in your show to keep the audience engaged?
I would reenact a scene from one of my movies of my movies, but it will be a live play by play in there face 

What do you do right before you go out?
I have a drink to relax my mind and so that I can get into the dancing and be a little loose 

When you are performing what is going through your mind?
Lol "Damn I hope they Love or like me"

Who are some of your favorite people to do shows with?
Haven't did any in Atlanta yet or with anyone, but If I do maybe my papa Domino Star

Many people know but what started your career in porn?
lol was always curious about the doing porn just kinda fell into it when I signed up for Cocodorm and they liked my look

What made you decide to work with FlavaWorks?
It was just something spontaneous a friend of mine had a card for the company on his desk, I was curious  what it was all about so I just called and they signed me up

What then made you choose the name Tyler Trenton?
 Just a name that the studio kinda randomly selected me to have, I felt it fit me so here it is lol I changed it so ya'll can refer to me as Shawty_Blaq

Would you say that experience changed your life?
Yes it did, it opened my eyes to a lot of things It made me aware and how to run myself as a business taught me if I am going to enter the world or porn I have to establish my niche and a brand for myself

What did you learn by working with them?
I learned you think your just having sex and having fun, but in actuality your are making a mark good or bad and if you want to continue in the porn industry you have to set yourself apart

You met some incredible people at the dorm. Can you tell us about some of your friendships you have made and family you've gained?
I met alot of cool guys, like my papa Domino Star, Day-Day and some other guys it was cool at the dorm as well as drama but those 2 people I really feel where the best out of that experience 

What made Tyler Trenton leave Cocodorm and go to Raw Breeders?
lol duh the money & to increase my exposure i really like the people at raw breeders and of course I got to work with some amazing stars

Do you feel like there is a negative light shinned on you because you do raw porn?
Maybe and maybe not I have a lot of fans who support me and I feel what I chose to do in my life is my business, raw porn is just another way for me to express myself and to explore with my career path in porn 

Do you feel as though your current company does everything to protect you from Std's and HIV?
 Yes they do I feel they give us the tools we need in order to keep our self safe, but at the end of the day we are in charge of making sure we keep our selves safe 

Do you feel like you will make the transition from  dancing and porn to escorting?
No, I don't knock those who do but at the time i am content with dancing and my emerging porn career

What is a rare talent that you have that not many people know of?

lol I can make my booty cheeks bounce one at a time lol 

What has been your favorite city to dance in?
Miami of course lol I love that place

When you are ready to end your porn career and give up dancing what
will be the mark you have made?
 lol i just want everyone to enjoy my work and like what i do ..i want to be apart of the elite porno star  and dancers in the game 

Do you have any last words for your fans and my viewers?
Thanks for the love and support .. come see me dance in Atl follow me on twitter @shawty_blaq and check out my tumblr http://mylittleblaqbookoffreaks.tumblr.com/ and hit up my management for bookings at sneakersandpoles@yahooo.com Peace




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