Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Adult Star Tango speaks out on Arguement with Black Rayne owner Que

Of course I am very privileged to bring a lot of hot stories to the viewers of The Scoop. Well I believe this one takes the cake. A few weeks ago story broke that Adult Entertainer, Tango formerly of Black Rayne's "Breed it Raw", was not paid for his most recent scene. Well we have the words straight from the horses mouth on the events of the day. Here is what he had to say.

"My Experince with Blk Rayne? Well Started off Kool me n boyfriend Bama Had Filmed in our Town with Que,  Pay was Lil Suspicious with a Check instead of Cash But it Cashed. But to tell truth I done like 8 or 9 scenes with him and with exception for 2 They were Filmed Terrible. (lol)  Yo The tops couldn't get hard and couldn't nut. But I Say he still edited it to look good so I guess I didn't care as long as I got Paid !!! But 2 of my checks bounced but he paid the extra fees in town on them 2.

 Well Romance was the top for the scene. So I show up he's not there but they rushing me n I say wassup the camera guy is new to me, he said he on the way but shows up 1 hr late. Romance finally showed up and is High on sum type of Drugs and couldn't get hard and couldn't do none on cue so after a while he was hard like 5 min but the film guy said he Dont no what to say, But Que will Mail the Checks !! I never got a check mailed all ways in hand after but I said kool so 2 weeks later no Returned calls n no text messages Period last text was "I will send u Confrimation number..."

 There was no Reason for not pay. His last message was I'm Send u yo Confrimation number Tomorrow 2weeks ago. He was talking n after shoot no more talking and I guess no more Payments . My advice to any looking to get into this Caution !!!! Dangerous Field of Work Not for me but For the Young Ones they Target Who is blinded by Fame. (lol) In for Life Of Turmoil ... It's not what it Appears to be... Cut throat Old Queens Yo !!! And Yes I'm Safe as I Started With Que !!! I'm A Verry Self Loving Brother I Takes Care of Me !!! He doesn't Test non of His Artist since 2012 when I started first 3 times I no some them young Models don't have a Clue What it is They Agreed to. And they checks was only 200-300 dollars I was Dumb Founded ... But they didnt no they were being tricked so hey I Say Think About Porn Twice Before Entering Everyone's not Built Ford Tuff !!!!  So at the End he Owes Me 750.00.


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  1. I broke that story a month ago as it happen. And watch this same model will be back next month working with Black Rayne because nobody else will hire him. #NOSHADE but they do it all the time. This is not the first model to go IN on Black Rayne only to come back months later like nothing happen.