Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DL Chill Spot CEO Murdered

Famed Amateur porn  producer, owner and director Duane Lett was killed Sunday in broad daylight.

It happened in front of an apartment building on Rockaway Avenue near Rutland Road at around 1:15 p.m. Saturday. A neighbor says she heard gunshots and looked out her window to see a man lying on his back with a head wound in the middle of the street.

Police were at the scene investigating for hours, shutting down Rockaway Parkway between East New York Avenue and Rutland Place.

Although there was some speculations that it might not have been the CEO who was killed but instead his top model Murder... It has been confirmed by his business partner of 2 years Michael Galletta of Black Boy Addictionz.

I just returned from traveling out of the country to hear the shocking and tragic news that the DL Chill Spot CEO was murdered this past weekend. According to multiple news sources, he was shot several times in broad daylight while shoveling snow in front of his apartment on Saturday afternoon. No arrests have been made and no suspects have been named so far.", Galletta said. 

He went on to say, "Even though I never actually met the DL Chill Spot CEO in person, we have communicated on an almost daily basis for nearly two years, and I considered him a friend as well as a business associate. Most of our conversations focused on work, swapping stories about our models and video-shoots as well as discussing goals and ideas for how to make our sites better. But we occasionally talked about our personal, non-porn lives as well, and words cannot express my deep sadness over the sudden and senseless loss of a good friend and confidante who will be greatly missed.

It's easy to stereotype porn producers as greedy, unscrupulous people who don't give a damn about their performers. And while I'm sure there are some producers like that, I've still yet to meet one and I've been working in this business for over six years.

The DL Chill Spot CEO that I knew was a compassionate and generous person who frequently helped out his models even when sex and porn weren't involved. He took them shopping and out to eat, and sometimes even let them stay at his apartment when their homophobic families kicked them out simply for being gay or bisexual. He was like the father many of these guys never had. If anything, he got TOO close and cared TOO much about the guys that he filmed. "

Please keep is family in your prayers.


  1. So Very Sad To Hear That The Producer Was Killed On Monday 6th of Jan 2014, By Some Homo Phobic Model or Family member of a Model. dlchillspot_ceo will be missed by many who enjoyed his work. For all of you who think this business is easy money and no danger,this is a reality check.And for all of the would be producers, remember to keep a safe distance between the models real life and personal life. J.Samuel JorgesGang.com

  2. Stopping putting dudes out there !!!! Giving them 50 bucks for butt

  3. Got what he deserved for exploiting young black men RIP asshole

  4. How so? If anything, it's THEIR decision TO or NOT TO. They are adult men and if they feel they aren't exploited in any way then so be it. That's on them. It's not his fault.