Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Music Alert!!! Tony Enos

International Pop Star Tony Enos is back with us with his new single "Long Live the King" and his hot and steamy 2015 calendar which is available on  tonyenos.com.

When we asked Enos about how he felt about his new project he had this to say,  "I wanted to mention all the flack I've been getting from Christian hate groups cause I'm wearing a rosary in some of the photos but none of them are sacrilegious and all very tasteful! Smh. All the pics are really a step towards a more main stream look for me so I don't get their issue but anyway lol! The single will be out later this spring. It's in honor n tribute to Elvis Presley for his 80th birthday. I am working on expanding my music to include a more contemporary sound. I'm not a one trick pony as an artist and it's important that my fans know that I have more to offer as an artist and 30 year old man than to just run around singing about sex for ever."

Tony has been a long time The Scoop Supporter as well as we have been a supporter of his. Please make sure you guys go to www.tonyenos.co and support.

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