Sunday, August 13, 2017

Adult Film Star Antonio Biaggi Racist!!!

Mega Puerto Rican Adult Film Star Antonio Biaggi went on an alarming racist rant this past Thursday on twitter referencing Beyonce, her BeyHive and "Queens".

Twitter exploded on Thursday as a seemingly upset Biaggi took to twitter to talk down about the queen and to give her BeyHive a piece of his mind as well. Biaggi said " Beyonce sucks, lets see wish stupid queen goes after me and she has no talent." Which isnt really alarming because lots of non supportive Beyonce fans say the same thing but these next stements are whet had the internet in and uproar.

Since then Biaggi has pulled down all post referring to Beyonce, her fans and the crew of queens. But what we want to know is what racist rant has he had working on set with his african american co-stars and how many of them will come forward if any. Will You Still Support Him?

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