Tuesday, August 22, 2017

B Anomaly: The Interview

I am so happy when i get the chance to share the stories of different LGBT Entrepreneurs in the DMV Area. Well B. Anomaly is no different. Here's our interview.

Who is B. ANOMALY? 
 A friend, a lover, a fighter, a business man, a man who believe in loyalty love and life 

You could've chosen a million names to go by why Anomaly? 
Anomaly is something that deviates from what standard or normal, and that's me, I don't do what the normal person does, I move in my own lane lol

We know you had a brief stint in Song  writing, what developed that passion? 
 I've always and still do have a passion for music, and I got into songwriting because I felt the only person that can tell my story is me 

A little birdie told us that you had the opportunity to work with a major record label, what made you decline the opportunity? 
Several reasons, one being it wasn't the right time, as much as I wanted it it wasn't my time, I was going in for all the wrong reasons, second being I wanted to learn more about the business aspect before making a big jump like that

If you could do it all over again would you decline that once in a lifetime opportunity? 
 I don't feel it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I feel that' what's meant for Me (B Anomaly) is going to be for me, if I could do it over again with what I know now, then I would accept the offer 

So let's switch gears

I know that you manage a few Adult Entertainers,  what made you go into that industry? 
 I meet a incredible model by the name of Wrath Vengenance at the time he was called, who introduced me to his manager Carl Anthonii who believed in me and my talent and wanted me apart of their team and the rest is history 

Do you feel like its difficult to manage so many personalities and so many different aspects of adult entertainment? 
Honestly I don't feel like it's difficult, I just remain myself and humble and I think my personality makes it easy for me to work with people and people work with me 

What would you say is your favorite part of managing your team? 
Good question lol, umm, I wouldn't say i have a favorite I would say I like the fact that they respect my decision and opinions when it comes to managing their career and best interest 

The rooster that you have would you say they are porn stars or would you say you are grooming them to
become mega porn stars?
Yes in my eyes they are mega porn stars, Wrath, Antoine Lust, Capri, and JD (Blackstone) all bring sexiness, spontaneity, Lust, and most important they each stand out in they own way, and most importantly they are all amateur so yes they are mega adult entertainers in the amateur world 

We know that you are one of the hottest if not the hottest Adult Party Promoters in the DMV, when did you start?
 I started doing parties in 2007 under the name of SE_Boyz 

What made you decide to go to start throwing your own parties?
I wanted to provide a safe and comfortable place for men to be able to freak with no expectations, no judgment, none of that, let's be clear I don't do it for the money, some people don't get that attention they want in everyday life so at my events it's a place for them to get the guy they normally wouldn't get even if it is for one night lol

Do you think that the competition in throwing Adult Parties is difficult I'm in this area?
Of course, because everyone wants to be the hottest or No. 1, see I don't compete with any other promoter their is room for each of us, 

Who would you say is your biggest competition? Why? 
Honestly, I wouldn't say anyone, we should all say we're the hottest, like what do I look like saying I'm the second best, I wouldn't expect any other promoter to say they 2nd to AE (Anomaly Ent) I feel we can all work together, shout out to ZodiacFreakFest, shout out to BGM Partyboiz, shout out to Dexter Terrace  parties as someone know him as Lamont, there is no competition from me, if they reading this I would love to work with any of them 

When it comes to the business your in their is a lot of shade thrown for the lack of terms, do you feel as though some ppl that may have been around during your start have used you for a "come up "?
Of course I do, lol, several of them, I'll spare the names but of course I do, and that's fine, because whether they want to admit I help them get to where they at, and some tried but didn't succeed lol

What would you say sets an Anomaly Ent party aside from others that are thrown? 
The fact that people like the that I make them feel comfortable, not saying others don't, but I'm out and about doing parties, anyone that's been to my parties knows I don't participate at all, I'm constantly checking on them and making sure they are feeling comfortable and having a good time, and also the non judgment rule, people love that 

With all that you do,  do you feel that it is hard to date because of judgement?
At times yes, because people don't understand it, they look at it from a different point, even with managing models people think oh I sleep with every model I sign etc typical stereotypes, I separate my business from my personal 

If you weren't managing, writing and throwing parties what would you be doing?
I would still have some hand in the entertainment world, but probably more behind the scenes lol

 Any last words for your fans? 
Thank You for all the support and being loyal, not only to me but anyone and anything that has been associated with Anomaly Ent, and also remember be you, don't try to impress or please anyone and ifs ok to be that Anomaly. We just getting started and there's a lot more to come from Anomaly Ent so stay tuned

And Tyrieak I wanna thank you for doing this interview and giving people a chance to get to know Anomaly a little more, we def have to do more.

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