Thursday, February 22, 2018

A letter to my son

No one would ever believe that on November 2nd 2017 my world completely stopped turning as my son took his final breath and entered into eternal rest. Never in a million years and in all my years of being a parent to so many kids did I think that I would ever lose one.  When I first met Tre it was with David when they were both 18. I know they had to think I was kinda crazy but i saw the situation they were in at the time and knew that they could do better and that they did. 

Months later David told me that the two of them were engaged and what a whirlwind did that send them on. Everyone who was not apart of their close and immediate circle wanted to see them fail but they fought and fought and became the nation's youngest African American LGBT couple to get Married. Not only did they become that but they became the inspiration of son many Gay and Straight couples alike. 

Tre had many dreams but the biggest two were to spend the rest of his life with David and to open his restaurant.  David was his world, Thru the ups and downs they stood by each other until the day he closed his eyes. He was quiet and a little shy but Tre knew how to light up the room with his smile.

As his parent the pain of losing him has been very hard and sometimes I feel regret that I couldn't do anything to save my baby. Sometimes I feel bad for David now having to be a widower at the age of 24 and sometimes I feel like although Tre's life wasn't as long as I feel it should've been he left us all with so much love and hope. But honestly in this moment as I am writing this I feel empty. I want my son back I want to love him more... but I know I must let him go so that he may rest in peace.

This is definitely not a good bye son. This is an until we meet again... 

I love you Tre'darrius Anderson

With Love Always
Your Dad


  1. What a beautiful tributute to your Son.

  2. I've seen photos around the net for years and just today decided to look deeper into the story of the youngest black gay couple to have gotten married. It was with deep regret I discovered the world had lost a very special soul. The lost is very expiring and hopefully one day I will have the chance to find what David and Tre'Darrius once shared.

  3. Turns out the kids were right that tomorrow is promised to no one. I'm glad they got married or David would have regretted waiting for the rest of his life.