Monday, June 18, 2018

Rapper XXXTentacion Dead at age of 20

20 year old New Comer Rapper XXX was shot today after leaving a motorcycle shop in Broward County in Florida. It wasnt much later the spectator and on lookers ran to the rappers side to find that he had no pulse and as paramedics and police arrived to the scene they pronounced him decease at approximately 5:45pm.

Controversy has been surrounding the young rap star as he has been in and out of jail for years but in an attempt to sorta fix his life his 2nd EP hit the top of the charts when released August of 2017.  He was still awaiting a court date surrounding allegations from hi girlfriend which could've have landed him major jail time again,

A video surface of XXX from his twitter live feed where he beings to talk the message that he wanted the youth to take from him. He begins saying "If he died a tragic death...." Well today was definitely a tragedy for those whom knew and loved him...

Mike Epps Posted this to twittter: "Prayers up fot the family, friends and fans of young XXXTentacion"

Below is one of the last ideos of XXXTentacion in which he speaks about the positive influence he wants people to take away from his music...

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