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Tempted to Touch: TreSon Bonet

So I'm always excited when i come across new fresh entertainers in the "Drag World" and this is no different. For  a few months now since my cousin Zodiax Iman has had his Tempted to touch Thursday show I have been following Mr. Treson and been very very eager to interview him and present him to my viewers. Here's his story.

Who is Treson Bonet?
TreSon is an alter ego created to entertain and express emotions that Jarvis finds difficult to do at times.

What is your coming out story?
There isn't one really. LOL them people knew I was gay. I'm 13 doing full relaxers. Teaching majorettes in high school. It was so many things that couldn't be questioned LOL. What really broke it, was when my mother found a letter that a boy wrote me. Mind you, I wasn't interested at alllll. For some reason, I brought the note home and left it on the computer desk.It talked about how long he liked me, why he liked me, and what he wanted to do with me. LOL Baby, my mother flipped out.

Was it difficult for your family to accept you? Why? WHY not?
My father was this fast life living guy from Memphis who spent most of his years in Cali. He would tell me stories about celebrities that were gay back in the day and all the house parties and how everyone vibed together and jut had a good time. It wasnt a big deal for him. Its never the father that takes it so well, but in my case... My father helped my mother deal with it. I'm really thankful for that. Now, my sisters and brothers would wear me out. There were many jokes made and arguments. My parents would let it happen, but that really prepared me to handle people in the world.

Who were some of your inspirations as male leads? Why?
I have a few. My granddaddy Damoni for his creativity. My Uncle Nio for his Mannerism on stage. 
Alphonse because he's so suave. Archie because his charm. My Daddy Armondis... That man is me. I am him. The concepts and the way he pairs certain things or mix certain songs. All of these men push me to be great.

What was your first time performing like?
Nashville 2008? White linen pants and blue designs spray adhesive to my body up one side. The song was Last Time by Trey Songz It was amazing because I had watched for soooo long. In Memphis, my mother Malayka would not let me do the show. She wanted me to focus on school.
So, when I graduated and moved away... I had to get a piece. LOL That was the most amazing feeling in the world and i got paiiiiiiid. I was hooked.

Did you initially feel that you had a lot of competition? 
Yes! When I came out there were so many heavy hitters on the scene and they were active, so I really had to make a name and stamp me a spot among some amazing guys.

What has been your favorite performance and why?
It was a production that we did in Memphis. Pride of 2015? Nautica Dupree did Beyonce and we did back ground dance for her. It was a full routine and costumes. It was well put together. That was the first time that I shared that stage with my daughter Dominic and my sister Kaiyla. I'll never forget that.

What is your PreShow ritual? 
Being that my body is always out, in some way, I have this full body moisturizing technique that I do at home right before I leave for the club.

Tell me more about your all new Thursday Male Review?
I had been here, in Atlanta, almost 4 years and nobody had contacted me about performing and being on a cast. So when presented with the opportunity I was 100% on board. Its new, its sexy, its enticing, its tempting. Its a group of guys and special guest that performs in a way that you are not going to find anywhere else. The entertainers lure you to a place by performance. The goal is to take you to a place or remind you of an experience that you once had.

What keeps this cast brotherhood strong?
With us, we are brothers and friends beyond the show. We all know what we give and we all know our lane. So there is never a conflict. Having that relationship outside of Thursdays really helps things to be so organic when it comes to business. If you have ever seen us on live 
The Dressing Room Chronicles... Thats how we carry on all the time.  

In a field of entertainment where it is female illusionist dominated do you think that male leads are making a come up?
I do. The art of female illusion will always precede male lead because of the transformation and free range that the girls have. However, boys are given the opportunity to be just as creative. There are pageants such as EOY and Showman that allows guys to push the envelope and do things that you don't see from a male lead on a regular. There are entertainers like Monte that gives all that creativity on the show and that lets guys know that you dont have to be in a box or conform. I think there will be more things to come in the future.

Where would you like to see the art of male leads in the future?
Being in ballroom and as a member of Xclusive Lanvin. I have seen a ton of fashion. Things that people in pageantry would frown at if it was presented. So, I want to see more fashion... real fashion from male leads in the future. Dont play it safe. Just do it and let it be all in love of fashion. If not, I plan to challenge the norm and bring some ideas to the stage later in 2020.

Fun Questions.....

What has been your favorite costume to wear and who designed it?
Honestly, I haven't worked with many designers and I don't have a favorite costume. Now, my mother made me this pair of swim trunks a few years back. Animal print with turquoise
throughout. NEVER lost the category in those!  

Who is your favorite artist to perform?
I love performing Chris Brown songs. 

As far as sex appeal, who is your biggest competitor? Lol.. Why?
*covers face*
OMG! Really LOL. So sex appeal, for me, is more so mannerism. When it comes to mannerism, I don't see nobody. No shade!. Now, when it comes to body... I'm so small and majority of guys prefer a bigger, taller, and more masculine type of guy. That would guys like SyVon, Leo, Jeremiah Tymes Starr, Marquis Frantz Iman. Those are guys in the industry that people find sexy.

What is one of your hidden talents?
Many people don't know that I know how to cut hair. I don't cut because I'm not yet licensed or equipped but that is something in the works now and I plan to start promoting that; launching media and marketing things summer of 2020.

Who's your favorite male performer and female performer?
My mother Malayka for the entertainment! Raquell and Stasha for the antics and extras. Tahjee tells me a story... Amaya too.My granddaddy Damoni is my favorite. I love the creativity.

What is one thing you wish you can change about the world?
The way we view things. We, as people, are so opinionated. You have to know a person's journey and struggle
in order to understand who they are. Most people don't care to understand that. Yes we all have the same 24 hrs, but we all don't have the same advantages. We have to change. We have to open our minds to new ways and processes. 

Do you have any words of advice for someone trying to break out into the world of performing whether male or female?
Create a character based on what you have seen. Take what you like, leave what you don't like, and introduce people to things that they have not seen. Stick to that! This is all a game! Know your place and earn your spot. You will get backlash BUT you have to stay true to the character/brand that you have created. All advice is not bad. Listen to those that paved the way for you. 

Any last words for my viewers?
I appreciate it all. Thank you for allowing me into your mind and hearts. Thanks for the support and love given to me over the years. I started competing November 2010 and I wouldn't trade the experiences for nothing in the world. There's a lot more to me and a lot more to come. I'm entering into a new place in my life and
it will be an exciting journey. I need good energy and people around me. I ask for your continued love and support. I also ask that you love and support each other.
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