About Us

The Scoop Entertainment was founded under the direction of our CEO and Founder Tyrieak Mines-Wright. When our CEO first started blogging he used the site as a tool to vent and share how he felt personally about different things. When we first begun the title of the site was "Share My World".  But within the first year doors began to open and The Scoop Entertainment was born.

Because Tyrieak had connections with various influential figures in the LGBT Culture he came up with the idea and said, "well maybe if I found away to tell their stories then it would inspire and help others with problems that they are dealing with in there life." Interviewing such figures as Pony Zion of Vogue Evolution, Jujubee and Manila Luzon from Rupauls Drag Race, Various Artist, Various YouTube Sensations and even Adult Stars, we knew that their stories would encourage people to go on and be strong on what ever career field that they chose and even with making various decisions in their lives.

The interviews were a good way to start but that still wasnt enough. So we introduced our Sexy as I Wanna Be , Story Erotica, Poets Corners, Support My Artist and Support My Models sections to display the talents of other people who had stories to tell in different ways. In 2011 we were recognized and nominated 3 times by our peers in the Blatino Award for Best Non Porn Site, Best Porn Site and Best New Website.  But in 2012 we were nominated and captured the award for The Best Non-Porn Blog, which was a major blessing.

We here at The Scoop look forward to moving forward in making our community a better place and building cultural gaps.  So with that being said we are pleased to announce the launch of our new initiatives, The Scoop Network and The Scoop Radio 2.0.